Animatch Adoptees

The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.

By adopting from Animatch, you will be helping to rescue another dog, by making space at our Centre for another homeless dog. If we have no space, the future of some dogs is pretty bleak. By adopting rather than buying, you will reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeders (puppy mills) of puppies. The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.


A Female Jack Russell Terrier presently On Trial

Are you looking for a compact dog with a big attitude?  Then, you are looking for me!  Well, here I am and my name is Clemence.  At four years old,  I find myself…

More About Clemence


A Male Husky-x presently Available For Adoption

Hester has returned.  Unfortunately, it was not a match.  We promise to get it right next time.   Meet Hester who is always curious and friendly – he could very…

More About Hester


A Female Basset Hound presently Available For Adoption

Arrooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!  Blondine here and I'm back.  The family who adopted me were having problems with allergies/asmtha.  Remember, people Bassets shed, not…

More About Blondine


A Male Husky x Shepherd presently Available For Adoption

Update – Feb. ’17.  Gunner here ... just checking in.  I have been in a foster home for a few weeks and I’m doing just great.  My Foster Mom says that…

More About Gunner


A Male Bichon-x presently On Trial

Muppet here and I am a lap tester extraordinaire.  Give me a little time to get to know you and I assure you that you won’t find a cuddlier companion.  The volunteers…

More About Muppet


A Male Pomeranian-x presently Available For Adoption

Sadly, Spock's adoption was not a success and he was returned.  He is a reactive dog who is not all that keen on other dogs; whoever, adopts Spock must be willing to invest…

More About Spock


A Female Yellow Lab presently Available For Adoption

In this era of social media, it’s all about the visual when it comes to adopting dogs.    The cuter the face, the more applications!  Mattie is so much more…

More About Mattie


A Female Pug presently Available For Adoption

My name is Charley (yes, I’m a girl) and thanks to Les ailes canadiennes du sauvetage (Pilots ‘n Paws), I had my first airplane ride.  I was given up to the SPA - Beauce…

More About Charley


A Male Basset Hound presently Available For Adoption

Listen up .... I’ve got a story to tell.  After spending some time at the SPA – Beauce-Etchemin and an exciting plane ride provided by Les ailes canadiennes du sauvetage…

More About Boris


A Male Great Dane x Husky presently Available For Adoption

My name is Hooper and I am a Danesky – a proud Northern dog of Great Dane and Husky ancestry.  In the dog world, I am considered a hunk!  I look like a big boy but I…

More About Hooper


A Female Minpin x Beagle presently Reserved

Carli signing on and I am originally from a pound in Kentucky.  How did I get her, you ask.  Well Miniature Pinscher Recue (Minpinerie) in Ottawa were contacted since I might…

More About Carli


A Male Lab x Husky presently On Trial

My name is Bear and rumour has it that I will soon have what I am longing for.... a family to call my own.  Thanks to the Nordic Paws Project and Animatch, this will be the next…

More About Bear


A Female Pekingese-x presently Available For Adoption

Jada, a pretty 10-lb., Pekingese mix can’t wait to get started on life as a beloved family pet.  Jada, along with several other dogs, recently arrived at Animatch. …

More About Jada


A Male Collie presently Available For Adoption

If you are a Collie lover, listen up.  Duke is looking for his new home and would appreciate finding a family who knows all about Collies.  He was given up because one of…

More About Duke


A Male Shih Tzu-x presently Available For Adoption

Hey, everybody.  My name is Gindle and I’m a 1-year-old Shih Tzu-x.  I was down in the dumps when I first arrived but I am slowly getting used to life at the Animatch…

More About Gindle


A Male Husky-x presently Available For Adoption

My name is Miyo...I am a survivor.  I am one of those dogs who is born and lives outside, who has never known love and the comfort of a home -- until a caring soul came to my rescue.  …

More About Miyo


A Female Husky-x presently Not Yet Available

What can be more adorable than a litter of puppies?  Happy times in a loving family are what await Wilda’s puppies.  Is Animatch excited about this impending delivery? …

More About Wilda

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Thursday February 23, 2017

Bark & Brunch 2017

Monday February 20, 2017

Animatch Fan Mail


Thank you, thank you, thank you..... Kai is adjusting quite well. As a matter of fact, you would think he has always been here. Kody...

Update on Charlie, formerly “Zubin”

We adopted Zubin when he was barely 5 months old, he was shy and very skittish with people. We named him Charlie after a dew days. ...

Hi from Buddy (formerly Patchy)

Hi Animatch family!Sorry for having been negligent in my checking-in with you all! All is well here. I miss Kyra, the brat and have...

Hi From Milo ( from the aussie litter )

Hi everyone:),this is milo ( aka jingles ) and i just turned one! i have been with my new family for 10 months now ( i got adopted...

Patsy, the perfect Poodle (formerly Gaya)

We adopted Patsy (formerly Gaya and frequently called PatsyDoodlePoodle) in April of 2012 and it has been a match made in heaven ever since. I've had...

First Christmas!

Thanks Animatch - our first Christmas was cozy! We caught Ellie with her head in the gift bag with her present a few times when...

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