Animatch Adoptees

The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.

By adopting from Animatch, you will be helping to rescue another dog, by making space at our Centre for another homeless dog. If we have no space, the future of some dogs is pretty bleak. By adopting rather than buying, you will reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeders (puppy mills) of puppies. The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.


A Female Canadian presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE MARCH 2018:  Cachet has been with her Foster Mom for several months now and although her progress is slow, Cachet will surprise her every now and then and do something that…

More About Cachet


A Female Canadian presently Available For Adoption

Lacy is back.  Regrettably, the people who adopted had a wonderful home to offer a dog but they soon realized in their heart that they had made a mistake.  When a dog who…

More About Lacy


A Male Canadian presently Available For Adoption

Update – April:  Well, look who is back!  Once again, I find myself homeless and it is situation that a dog never gets used to.  Of course, the wonderful group…

More About Billy


A Male Canadian presently Available For Adoption

Forest is nearly 5 years old and was given up because his family did not have the time for him.  The description given on Forest was that he was a typical, goofy Lab, who tended…

More About Forest


A Male Chihuahua type presently Available For Adoption

Have you been craving a sweet Chihuahua type of dog?  Well, you may be on your way to finding your new best friend.  I must warn you that I take some time to warm up, but…

More About Gilmo


A Female Nordic presently Available For Adoption

Meet Demo, a dazzling Nordic mix, with the most penetrating blue eyes.  She arrived from Waskaganish with her three puppies.  She was actually someone’s pet but they…

More About Demo


A Male Lab type presently Available For Adoption

Hey, Octave here and they don’t come more dashing than me.  I will make an impression as soon as you lay eyes on me.  You won’t be able to resist my spell-binding…

More About Octave


A Female Mixed Breed presently Available For Adoption

Just look at this kissable face!  I arrived not long ago with my sister Caprice and 15 other dogs for the simple reason that our caretaker died.  Life has thrown me a few…

More About Cadence


A Female Mixed Breed presently Available For Adoption

Not only am I gentle as can be but I am oh so cute—my photo doesn’t even do me justice!   That little round spot on my head, oh my!  The little spot is what…

More About Caprice


A Male Mixed Breed presently Available For Adoption

Sometimes words just don’t come easily to describe one of our adoptees.  This is the case for Toscson; he is 9 years old and finds himself in need of a home.  When he…

More About Tocson


A Female Terrier-x presently Available For Adoption

Kimi is a familiar face at Animatch; she was part of the Maya & Kimi duo.  Unfortunately, we didn't follow our instinct and let them go together and although they went…

More About Kimi


A Male Mixed Breed presently Reserved

Hey, Slick here and there is no doubt I am the perfect dog for the task -- the task of loving you and giving you that extraordinary feeling only dog people can ever experience. …

More About Slick


A Female Sheltie presently Reserved

UPDATE:  We are so happy to announce that Hunny has a home.  She will undergo surgery on her leg on Monday (Apr 9) and when she is ready to be released from the hospital she…

More About Hunny


A Male Shih Tzu presently Available For Adoption

Dooney here …. I’m back.  It’s going to be take 2 for me as I really showed another side of myself once I found my way into a home.  It seems that many…

More About Dooney


A Female Mixed Breed presently Available For Adoption

If I said that I am affectionate, that would be an understatement. I love attention, as much as I can get and from whoever is doling it out.  My name is Morgane and I am one of…

More About Morgane


A Female Labrador-x presently Available For Adoption

Meet Maze – beautiful but no longer cute!  Yes, she is another rambunctious adolescent with no training and a little attitude.  Maze is undeniably testing her limits…

More About Maze


A Male Mixed Breed presently open

Are you looking to be rescued?  With one wag of my tail I could rescue anyone from loneliness.   I’d be honored to be your hero.  My name is Brody and I am…

More About Brody


A Male Labrador-x presently Available For Adoption

There’s nothing quite like a mature dog who has plenty of years of experience being the best dog he can be.  My name is Blake and I am a proud member of the Grey Muzzle Society…

More About Blake


A Female Labrador-x presently Available For Adoption

West here and although I posed like a supermodel for my photo shoot, this girl is no diva.  I’m a friendly, bouncy puppy who just wants to be part of a family.  I’d…

More About West


A Female Poodle presently Available For Adoption

My name is Vanille, and I am the most adorable, clever, affectionate dog around – most of the time!  Poodles are intelligent and I know that with training, I have the potential…

More About Vanille


A Male Mixed Breed presently Available For Adoption

If you are looking for a walking companion or a buddy to take on nature hikes, Brewster might be your man.  This bouncy, animated fellow is a head turner and the type of dog who…

More About Brewster

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Animatch Fan Mail

Sophie (aka Kelly)

Just wanted to tell you how I'm loving my Sophie! I've had her for just over a month but she feels (and acts!) like she's...

Des nouvelles de Shadow

Le 18 janvier 2009, je passais chez Animatch chercher Jack (qui s'appelait alors Zack) qui avait 7 ans et demi et Shadow, 7 ans et 9 mois. J'espérais les...

Stewart adopted in march 2014 - R.I.P. Feb. 2004 - Aug.12-2017

Son maître Neven m'a demandé de vous informer que, samedi dernier, le beau petit Stewart a dû être euthanasié pour cause de diabète...

Tom (Volt)

Dear Animatch,Thank you for taking care of me and finding me a home. I love my new home and adoptive parents! They love to...

Update on Kumiko

Kumiko looking pretty for the camera again. Giving me the "stop taking so many photos of me mom" look:)

Leeon - Formerly Esposito

Hello! Just wanted to share this picture of Leeon and his best friend, Joban the cat! It's been just over a year since we adopted...

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