Animatch Adoptees

The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.

By adopting from Animatch, you will be helping to rescue another dog, by making space at our Centre for another homeless dog. If we have no space, the future of some dogs is pretty bleak. By adopting rather than buying, you will reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeders (puppy mills) of puppies. The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.


A Male Canadian presently Available For Adoption

Update – April:  Well, look who is back!  Once again, I find myself homeless and it is situation that a dog never gets used to.  Of course, the wonderful group…

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A Male Labrador-x presently On Trial

Update June 15:  Today was Forest's lucky day.  He joined his new family.  Special thanks to his super Foster Mom for all her hard work.   Update May 29: …

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A Male Lab type presently Available For Adoption

Update – April 24:  Hi peeps!  This is the one and only Octave checking in from *FIC where I am proving to be an admirable student.  The family who adopts me will…

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A Female Mixed Breed presently Available For Adoption

Not only am I gentle as can be but I am oh so cute—my photo doesn’t even do me justice!   That little round spot on my head, oh my!  The little spot is what…

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A Male Mixed Breed presently Available For Adoption

Sometimes words just don’t come easily to describe one of our adoptees.  This is the case for Toscson; he is 9 years old and finds himself in need of a home.  When he…

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A Female Labrador-x presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE - June 7:  Hey, Maze here and I'm back.  Looks like I'm ot cut out to be a detection dog -- my sniffer works just fine but my attention span is a little too…

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A Male Chihuahua-x presently Available For Adoption

Same story, different day!  My name is Adwin and I am an unclaimed stray.  The good people here think no less of me.  I can’t tell them my story as none of them…

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A Male Minature Pinscher presently Available For Adoption

The name is Boomer and before you all head for the puppies or young dogs, hold on just a minute and read on.  Puppies have to be the cutest little creatures on the face of the…

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A Female Mixed Breed presently open

This is Chic, a gorgeous girl, who arrived at Animatch last August.  Chic was part of a group of 5 dogs (Elfie, Tinks, Cachet, and Lacy) who were part of a seizure.  Until…

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A Female Shih Tzu presently Available For Adoption

Prospective adopters should recognize that having a dog is more than just filling bowls with food and water and going for leisurely walks.  Too many people do not comprehend just…

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A Male Lhasa Apso-x presently Available For Adoption

Earl has the potential of being the perfect, little companion who will adore the person who gives him a chance at a new life.  Many of our adoptees have stories that are difficult…

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Animatch Fan Mail

Hi from Nukka (formerly Neelah)

She is such a darling! Very funny and so bright!! She is learning new things every day, and everybody who meets her loves her. She...

Greetings from the Animatch Alumni

Happy New Year to our Animatch friends! We are all happy in our new homes and here we are hanging out with our "people" at...

Ziva!! Doing awesome

My family and I adopted ziva about 6 years ago when she was 1 years old. She's till going strong as a 7 year old dog, even though...

My Daisy..The love of my life

This is Daisy enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. I adopted her 7 years ago and she still makes me smile every day. She has severe arthritis...

Goodbye, Willie!

I just made a donation in memory of Willie, our beloved dog. This is something I should have done a long time ago, under different...

Preppie (now known as Reina - Spanish word for Queen)

Preppie/Reina has spent her first couple of days in her forever home, getting to know her 3 cat house mates, her new surroundings and her...

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