Animatch Adoptees

The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.

By adopting from Animatch, you will be helping to rescue another dog, by making space at our Centre for another homeless dog. If we have no space, the future of some dogs is pretty bleak. By adopting rather than buying, you will reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeders (puppy mills) of puppies. The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.


A Female Doberman-x presently Available For Adoption

Dobby here and I am back at the Animatch Centre.  Big thank you to Virginie and Alain at FIC for helping me learn the basics of good doggy behavior; I was a super student. …

More About Dobby


A Female Lab-x presently Available For Adoption

Update:  Hey, Bree here and I'm sending greetings from Laval.  Virginie Forest and Alain Bonneau are trying ... and succeeding .... in teaching me the ABC's of good…

More About Bree


A male Dogo Argentino presently Available For Adoption

Tito is a Dogo Argentino -- a big dog with an equally big heart.  He is six years old and has had his share of upsets in life.  Tito has lived in more than one home; his most…

More About Tito


A Female Shih Tzu presently Not Yet Available

Unfortunately, there is no happily ever after for Elsa, her body was located and she is at peace.  Animatch would like to thank everyone in their efforts to search for Elsa; there…

More About Elsa


A Female Maltese x Chihuahua presently Available For Adoption

Hey, the name is Daisy and I am an interesting mix of Maltese and Chihuahua.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that I score a 10 in the cuteness factor.  I am bright, clever,…

More About Daisy


A Female Bichon Frisee presently Available For Adoption

Pearl has been a caring and adoring Mom to many puppies in her young life.  The commercial breeder that owned Pearl did let her go and gave her a chance at being a cherished member…

More About Pearl


A Male Yorkshire Terrier presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE:  Teddy here and just wanted to share some news.  Sadly, I had to have my eye removed.  I am now recuperating but would recuperate much better in my very own home. …

More About Teddy

BB Blue

A Female Cocker Spaniel presently Available For Adoption

It’s tough for a dog to be homeless at any time in their life but it’s even tougher when they are missing an eye.  BB Blue was transferred from another rescue. …

More About BB Blue


A Male Bernese Mountain Dog-x presently Available For Adoption

My name is Thunder and if you adopt me, please make sure it will be for my entire life. I was given up to Animatch because my family was going through a divorce; not to worry -- I haven’t…

More About Thunder


A Female Yorkshire Terrier presently Available For Adoption

Camille is a shy, mellow, little Yorkie who is little by little learning that humans mean her no harm and they can even be fun to be around.  She’s fine with other dogs and…

More About Camille


A Female Cocker Spaniel presently Available For Adoption

Sadly, after several months Copine was returned.  Although the family loved her, they felt that she was not the right dog for them due to some separation anxiety.  As we often…

More About Copine


A Female Cocker Spaniel presently Available For Adoption

Penelope wants you to pick her. Or even just pet her. Or even just glance her way!   She's a genuinely happy dog who's always jumping up and wagging her tail. It's…

More About Penelope


A Female Magic presently Available For Adoption

Magic is an adolescent Flat Coat Retriever mix who just happens to be a diamond in the rough.  She came to Animatch as a stray.  Although we have no history on her, chances…

More About Magic


A Female Pomeranian presently On Trial

Do they come any cuter than Cyan?  This bouncy, energetic pup is just waiting to find her first true home.  Since she is six months old and came from a commercial breeder,…

More About Cyan


A Male Terrier x Dachshund presently Available For Adoption

Meet Grelot, a 6-year-old, Terrier x Dachshund whose life recently changed forever.  Grelot was loved by his previous guardian but unfortunately the time had come for a move to…

More About Grelot


A Female Cockapoo presently Available For Adoption

Cypress here and I just went through a rough patch.  Life as I have known it since birth is all changed and much as I am told my future will be brighter; it was what I was used…

More About Cypress


A Female Lab-x presently Available For Adoption

Inka is another one of our special adoptees who arrived at Animatch as a result of a recent roundup of roaming dogs in a Northern Community.  A Good Samaritan in the community…

More About Inka


A Femelle Pekingese-x presently Available For Adoption

Spring is here and I’m about ready for a makeover!  Despite being quite matted and looking like an unmade bed, I am one fine looking pooch.... and photogenic to boot! …

More About Lala


A Female Beagle-x presently Available For Adoption

With her bright brown eyes and outgoing personality, Summer is eager to be somebody’s best friend once again.  She arrived at the Animatch Centre with Lala because her guardian…

More About Summer


A Male Australian Shepherd-x presently Available For Adoption

Shammy is quiet and eager to please; his best friend is his littermate, Maizy.  Their family gave up both dogs because they no longer had the time for them.  Shammy is hoping…

More About Shammy


A Female Australian Shepherd-x presently Available For Adoption

Maizy, a 1.5-year-old, 30 lb., Aussie-x, is in need of a home.  Maizy recently arrived at the Animatch Centre, along with her littermate Shammy, because her family no longer had…

More About Maizy

From the Animatch Blog

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Thursday April 17, 2014

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Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Thursday March 6, 2014

Animatch Fan Mail

Happy Trails or Tails!

My name is Riley (formerly Kayak) and have been happily living with my sister Chloe for almost two years. My Mom loves me so much,...


Dear twin sister Woofa:I just wanted to tell you that I am thrilled that you have found your forever home as well. I was...


thought you might want to see!! cancer free, 10 years tom we have adopted diesel, he is now 12 and still acts like a nerd!

Hello from the Gang!

Hi Everyone,Just a quick update on Chica, Zeus and Cannon. Our newest addition Cannon is loving his home and his buddies! He's off...

Update on Kumiko

Kumiko looking pretty for the camera again. Giving me the "stop taking so many photos of me mom" look:)

Yukon and I

Dear Animatch friends,I'm writing to you today to celebrate our second anniversary together Yukon and I. I've adopted him 2 years ago already...

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