Animatch Adoptees

The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.

By adopting from Animatch, you will be helping to rescue another dog, by making space at our Centre for another homeless dog. If we have no space, the future of some dogs is pretty bleak. By adopting rather than buying, you will reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeders (puppy mills) of puppies. The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.


A Female Doberman-x presently Available For Adoption

Guess who????  Yup, Dobby and I'm still here!  Just to let you know, there is a dog named Roxy who has held an Animatch record for the dog who stayed at Animatch the longest. …

More About Dobby


A male Dogo Argentino presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE:  Tito is safe and sound and being fostered by one of our Volunteers who has been an awesome foster mom to several of our adoptees who required a special home over the years. …

More About Tito


A Female Chihuahua presently Available For Adoption

Novia is one friendly Chi who is not shy to speak up (bark!) to get your attention.  She is a five-year-old, Chihuahua who just loves to play and thoroughly enjoys chasing a ball…

More About Novia


A Female Basset Hound presently Available For Adoption

Mildred here and I'm back.  It was a nice break getting away and having a family for a few weeks but sadly I wasn't too nice with the cat, so back I came.  I do tend…

More About Mildred


A Female Puggle (maybe) presently Available For Adoption

Galena is a sweet-tempered, not-so-purebred, girl who is very shy but taking her home and watching her confidence grow as she places her trust in you will be a rewarding experience. …

More About Galena


A Female Chihuahua presently Available For Adoption

Duenna is a seven-year-old, female, Chihuahua, who is so ready to take a giant step in her life ... right into the arms of her new family.  She arrived at the Centre with her “sister”,…

More About Duenna


A Female Chihuahua presently Available For Adoption

My name is Nita and I am a 6-year-old Chihuahua.  I was given up, along with my Chihuahua sister, Duenna, because my family no longer had the time to devote to us.  Bummer,…

More About Nita


A Female Basset Hound presently Available For Adoption

Well, Animatch is being taken over by the Hounds .... Basset Hounds, that is.   I guess we are a breed that is becoming quite “trendy” and that may not be a good…

More About Pickles


A Female Yorkshire Terrier presently On Trial

My name is Rudie and I am 10 years old.   Like I always say, “Age is just a number!”   I came to Animatch my best friend, Sassy; my family was going…

More About Rudie


A Female Miniature Schnauzer presently Available For Adoption

Bailee is a 9-year-old, petite, Schnauzer who is a little reserved when you first meet her – and understandably so.  Her world was turned upside down and all that was familiar…

More About Bailee


A Male Yorkie x Minpin presently Available For Adoption

Loky is a 7-year-old, Yorkie x Miniature Pinscher, who in fact did nothing wrong but now finds himself homeless.  His guardian made the decision to travel and discover the world…

More About Loky


A Male Lab-x presently On Trial

Kaiden is definitely best friend material!  He is a 1.5-year old Lab-x.  He was adopted at Animatch a few months ago but the family felt that he was not the right match and…

More About Kaiden


A Male Boxer presently Available For Adoption

Hi, I’m Bentley and I’m another orphaned dog!  I ended up at AMR but there were just so many dogs at their facility that the nice people there thought that I’d…

More About Bentley


A Female Terrier-x presently On Trial

The name is Mayda and I am six years old; a real beauty with that whole Terrier thing going on which makes me totally irresistible (even to Sundae, the cat).   I was an unclaimed…

More About Mayda


A Female Shih Tzu x Terrier presently On Trial

We could all learn a lesson of forgiveness from Sunflower.  Yes, another backyard breeder’s dog – one of eight -- who had outlived her usefulness.  Despite never…

More About Sunflower


A Male Miniature Poodle presently On Trial

Dundee is a four-year-old, striking, Miniature Poodle who arrived at Animatch because he was never claimed at the pound.  This handsome little dude had to undergo surgery for hip…

More About Dundee


A Female Chihuahua presently On Trial

Kewpie wants to be a lap dog – she really does.  But her past life has made her wary and self protective.  Her new guardian must go slow and gentle.  Kewpie was…

More About Kewpie


A Male Miniature Dachshund presently Available For Adoption

My name is Rolo and I am a 6-year-old Dachshund.  Although I spent my entire life so far with my family, they just were overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a toddler and new…

More About Rolo


A Female Shih Tzu presently Available For Adoption

Zinnia was recently released from a life of producing puppies.  She along with seven other females was given up by a backyard breeder.  Animatch is always happy to see these…

More About Zinnia


A Female Shih Tzu presently Available For Adoption

Violet is the oldest of the group of 8 dogs surrendered to Animatch by a backyard breeder.  This adorable, petite girl is a little reserved when you first meet her – and…

More About Violet


A Male Samuel presently Available For Adoption

Samuel is a five-year-old, Irish Terrier x Poodle, who was given up through no fault of his own.  He was part of a family and was loved, but his senior guardian was no longer able…

More About Samuel


A Female Shih Tzu x Terrier presently Available For Adoption

Introducing Rose, a 7-year-old, Shih Tzu x Terrier, who caught a lucky break when she and a few other breeding dogs were surrendered to Animatch.  Rose tends to keep to herself…

More About Rose


A Female Great Dane x Shepherd presently Available For Adoption

If you adopt me, please make sure it will be for my entire life. I am shy at first but give me a little time and I will be using you as a springboard to show my affection.  Like…

More About Gidget


A Female Shih Tzu x Terrier presently Available For Adoption

My name is Iris and life hasn’t always been that wonderful for me.  I was given up by a backyard breeder.  My life involved making babies; those days were hard. …

More About Iris

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Animatch Fan Mail

Foxy Lady

HI Helen....I thought you might like to see Foxy Lady - now 13 1/2 - still looks the same as when I got her - but...


thought you might want to see!! cancer free, 10 years tom we have adopted diesel, he is now 12 and still acts like a nerd!


Two years ago today Sept 3rd 2011 we made a second trip to Animatch to adopt our little man Kody. Faith works in mysterious ways !!! I...

Greetings from Tucker (formerly Happy)

Tucker a.k.a. Happy here! I am one lucky pup, Santa brought me my furever family for Christmas this year and I am so...


Skylar and shadow enjoying their day

PENNY ( formerly Indiana)

Penny and her cousin Duke enjoying a nap! Love these two dogs! Life is good!

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