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The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.

By adopting from Animatch, you will be helping to rescue another dog, by making space at our Centre for another homeless dog. If we have no space, the future of some dogs is pretty bleak. By adopting rather than buying, you will reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeders (puppy mills) of puppies. The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.


A Male Husky-x presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE:  Hester checking in … spring has sprung and I’m still waiting for a home.  I absolutely adore my foster Mom and Dad; I’m feeling safe and secure. …

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A Female Husky-x presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE:  Along with new photos from Wilda's recent photo shoots comes a slow change in her confidence and demeanor.  This beautiful dog improves every day and will continue…

More About Wilda


A Male Boxer presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE MAY 22:  Beckham checking in.  I am doing so well with my Foster Mom and Dad but unfortunately they will not be able to foster me much longer.  They love me dearly…

More About Beckham


A Male Labernese presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE MAY 20:  Walton went through surgery on one hip and is recuperating. Dr. Plasse will reevaluate the other hip as it was not as bad as we originally though.  Walton…

More About Walton

Lil Bit

A Male Chihuahua presently Available For Adoption

UPDATE:  Lil Bit here and I just want to let you know that if you are interested in adopting me, I won't be available for a few weeks.  I have luxating patellas in both…

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A Male Shih Tzu x Lhasa Apso presently Available For Adoption

Méo is 8 pounds of adorable and so ready for his forever home.  Méo is under one year old and is always up for some fun.  This Lhasa x Shih Tzu found his way…

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A Female Chihuahua presently Available For Adoption

Meet Tamika, a 6-lb., girl, with big inquisitive eyes – she must check you out before she is comfortable.  Tamika is suspicious of strangers at first but once she is comfortable…

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A Male Bernese-x presently Available For Adoption

Farley comes to Animatch because his family who have two young children felt that they no longer had the time for him.  No time seems to be a very acceptable reason to give up…

More About Farley


A Male Miniature Pinscher-x presently Available For Adoption

Arthur is my name and I am in search of an experienced family who is looking for a dog with smarts.  I try very hard to always be on my best behaviour but every now and then I…

More About Arthur


A Male Labrador-x presently Available For Adoption

Meet Wally. As you can see Wally is morbidly obese; he weighs 210 lbs. which is more than twice what he should weigh.  He was loved with food instead of exercise and his health…

More About Wally


A Male Labrador-x presently Available For Adoption

If you looked into these big brown eyes that seem to be saying, “Can I please have a cookie?”, would you give in?  Or, would you be able to bend down and talk to Oliver,…

More About Oliver


A Male Australian Cattle Dog-x presently Available For Adoption

Meet Bandit, an Australian Cattle Dog mix, who was transferred to Animatch from a rescue in Kentucky.  Bandit is on the lookout for an energetic family – one who would enjoy…

More About Bandit


A Male Beagle presently Available For Adoption

Austin was adopted from Animatch in 2015 and would probably have spent the rest of his life with his human but life threw them a curve ball.  Austin’s home was lost in the…

More About Austin


A Female Yorkshire Terrier x Maltese presently Available For Adoption

My name is Mindy and I’m looking to adopt a family.  I have a few criteria that must to be met.  The most important is that whoever adopts me realizes that adoption…

More About Mindy


A Male Husky-x presently Available For Adoption

Do you look outside and see a lot of stray dogs roaming the streets?  Me neither.  Hatchi here and I am a “stray dog” who ended up at Animal Control and from there…

More About Hatchi


A Male Bichon Frisee presently Available For Adoption

My name is Sydney, although many call me cutie, handsome, and honey.  My last human simply did not have the time to devote to me, so I am putting one paw in front of the other…

More About Sydney


A Male Standard Poodle presently Available For Adoption

Tommy is my name and I am a fabulous, energetic, Standard Poodle with fur the colour of vanilla ice cream!  I am a natural-born people pleaser and will be an amazing companion…

More About Tommy


A Male Husky-x presently Available For Adoption

I bet that you are finding me very hard to resist right now?  You’ve got to get past the pictures of me looking like a super model dog and be ready to make a huge commitment. …

More About Irnik


A Male Beagle presently Available For Adoption

All puppies are cute but Beagles have to be up in the Top 10!  Before rushing off and filling in an application, please, please, please do you research.  At just over three…

More About Cornichon


A Female One-of-a-kind presently Available For Adoption

Love mutts?  Goldy is my name and I am an interesting and very unique one-of-a-kind.  Mixed breeds defy description but rest assured we take the best qualities of all the…

More About Goldy

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Animatch Fan Mail


Here's another pic of our sweet Dixie.

Frodo (aka Pazzo) One Year Later

Hi Animatch,Thank you for for finding me my forrever home. Attached is a picture with my new little sister, Ezri.In the last year...

Happy Holidays from Aquarius + Family

Happy holidays from Aquarius and family to all my friends at Animatch. Hope your having as good as time as I am. Happy holidays! ❄️⛄️❄️

Happy New Year to all at Animatch, past and present

Gracie and I want to wish all of you a wonderful new year, and hope that every dog finds a wonderful home. Special thanks to...


Bonjour, reconnaissez vous "barbu" , il est adorable et adoré.Je joins une photo de Barbu qui se repose après une longue marche.Je reviendrais...

Just checkin’ in!

We adopted little Sophia in May of 2014. She brings our family so much love and laughter, and we are so happy to have found such...

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