Animatch Adoptees

The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.

By adopting from Animatch, you will be helping to rescue another dog, by making space at our Centre for another homeless dog. If we have no space, the future of some dogs is pretty bleak. By adopting rather than buying, you will reduce the demand that drives the commercial breeders (puppy mills) of puppies. The Adoption Option: Let's make it the first option.


A Female Lab-x presently Available For Adoption

Hey, Melly here and I've made it to the top of the Adoptees page -- not a good thing cause that means I'm still waiting for my furever home.  I'm still at FIC and Virginie…

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A Male Boxer presently On Trial

My name is Tyson and I was feeling so low when I arrived at Animatch.  It really is no fun to feel unwanted and afraid – fear causes dogs to act in ways that can get them…

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A Male Chinese Crested (Powder Puff) presently On Trial

Ozzy (formerly Hippie) was adopted in 2012 and in a sad turn of events, he finds himself in need of a home.  His human was everything Animatch hopes for in a guardian when placing…

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A Male Miniature Pinscher presently On Trial

My name is Quattro and I am another unclaimed treasure (aka stray) and I was transferred from another rescue.  Just gaze into my gorgeous hazel eyes and you will be hooked.  …

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A Male Miniature Dachshund presently Available For Adoption

My name is Merguez and I am named after the famous and scrumptious Merguez sausage.  Like the sausage, I can be quite spicy and yet earthy.  Although the Merguez has its roots…

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A Female Terrier-x presently Available For Adoption

Willow is my name and even though I am an unclaimed stray, Gary, our photographer extraordinaire, has made me look like a Super Model.  I am not just another pretty face; I want…

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A Female Terrier-x presently Available For Adoption

My name is Casita and I am 8 years old.  I have aged extremely well and have plenty of spunk.  Like I always say, “Age is just a number!”   I came to…

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A Female Jack Russell Terrier presently Available For Adoption

Animatch has another JRT!  Wrigley is a six-year-old, female, Jack Russell Terrier, who comes to us via Animal Control – another unclaimed treasure.  Wrigley is an amazing,…

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A Female Chihuahua x Yorkie presently open

We have come to the decision that Sasha and Cecemay have to go their separate ways. Although they are close, it may be beneficial for them, especially for Cece who seems to be overprotective…

More About Sasha


A Female Chihuahua x Yorkie presently Available For Adoption

We have come to the decision that Cece and Sasha may have to go their separate ways.  Although they are close, it may be beneficial for them, especially for Cece who seems to be…

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A Male Shetland Sheepdog presently On Trial

Meeko, a three-year-old, Sheltie, was surrendered because his family was moving. He is an incredibly sweet and loving boy who would make a very loyal and affectionate companion. As…

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A Male Lab-x presently Available For Adoption

What’s my favorite kind of dog?  A Black Dog.  Who says BBD’s (Big Black Dogs) don’t take great photos?  Photographer extraordinaire, Gary, just loves…

More About Harley

Pang Pang

A Female Pug presently On Trial

Meet Pang Pang.  You might have wished you had known her in her youth but the gratitude and love that she can give you can bring you so much happiness.  Senior dogs are the…

More About Pang Pang

Hip Hop

A Male Shih Tzu presently On Trial

Hip Hop is a spunky, twp-year-old, Shih Tzu– who finds himself in need of a home.  We know that animals suffer in silence and it is so frustrating that they can’t tell…

More About Hip Hop


A Male Lab-x presently Available For Adoption

Hey, my name is Miga and as you can see from my photo shoot, I am constantly smiling.  If you meet me you will certainly think I am an adolescent pup because I greet everyone with…

More About Miga


A Female Italian Greyhound x Chihuahua presently Available For Adoption

Paisley has gone through a few rough patches in her life.  You see she was taken away from an abusive human by a Good Samaritan; the person tried to show her that humans wanted…

More About Paisley


A Female Beagle presently Available For Adoption

My name is Suzie and I am very proud Beagle.  I am about one-year-old and you may remember me since this is my second time as an Animatch Adoptee.  I went to my new home in…

More About Suzie


A Male Great Dane presently Available For Adoption

My name is Maxime and I am presently interviewing for the position of “Guardian to a Great Dane”.  So, put your best foot forward and here’s a heads up as to…

More About Maxime


A Female Miniature Schnauzer presently Available For Adoption

Dogs bark ... some even bark a lot!  Mousseline is one of them and she was given up for that reason.  Dogs bark, that’s their job; it is their way of communicating. …

More About Mousseline


A Female Yorkie-x presently Reserved

Jynx is part of a litter of four.  Mum was adopted from Berger Blanc and after a few days in her new home, she gave birth to four puppies (2 males & 2 female).  Hopefully,…

More About Jynx


A Male Yorkie-x presently Available For Adoption

Please understand that due to the overwhelming number of people who apply for puppies, it is impossible to get back to everyone regarding their request to adopt.  We have certain…

More About Lucius


A Male Beagle presently Available For Adoption

My name is Austin and one thing I know for sure -- I am not responsible in any way for my current situation.    You know, the life experience every dog dreads, being…

More About Austin


A Female Husky presently Available For Adoption

Look deeply into my beautiful, sparkling eyes and what do you see?  With your patience and training, I promise that I will be the best dog ever.  My name is Sornia and I am…

More About Sornia


A Male One-of-a-kind presently On Trial

Hey Oxxy here. Life is strange, one day, you have your own personal bed and bowls, toys that only you chew, love, companionship and then suddenly, it is gone.   My family…

More About Oxxy


A Male Shih Tzu presently On Trial

Hi, my name is Tucker and although I may be very shy, please don’t pass me by.  I’m just a regular dog; I love nice people, I enjoy my food, and sunshine makes me happy! …

More About Tucker


A Female Shepherd x Husky presently Available For Adoption

My name is Vespa – a new name to go along with a new beginning.  I was an unclaimed stray but I am in a safe, caring place and here I’ll stay until my perfect family…

More About Vespa


A Female Pomeranian-x presently Available For Adoption

Hello, my name is Abby.   I am a 2.5-year-old, Pomeranian mix girl and I am just so-oooo cute!  How did I get here, you ask?  Well, work and travel left my human…

More About Abby


A Female Golden-x presently Available For Adoption

Kella is an outgoing, friendly, Golden-x, who has never met a stranger, enjoys the company of other dogs, and is passionate about playing fetch.  At 5.5-years old she understands…

More About Kella


A Male Lab x Husky presently Available For Adoption

Keeko is my name and I am a 5-month-old Lab mix pup.  I am also an orphan; no home to call my own.  Thanks to the Nordic Paws Project who brought me to Animatch, a furever…

More About Keeko

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