• Update on Picardie ~ Jack Murphy

By Robin Gray - Posted Tuesday July 12, 2016

Update on Picardie ~ Jack Murphy

It has been almost a month since we have adopted Jack Murphy (previously known as Picardie) and I thought an update was in order. I know I love to read the success stories and learn how a given pet is doing. Those of you who read Jack Murphy’s bio will remember he was listed as very hyperactive dog in the prime of his misbehaving adolescent years. Having owned a very active dog in the past I felt I knew what I was getting into. After a few discussions with animatch, where I must have answered their questions appropriately, we had a visit. Shortly after this we decided to jump in and advised we would adopt him. Jack Murphy is a very sweet dog that loves to cuddle and play. Interestingly as I write this article it is not his activity level or adolescence that causes the most concern. In our eyes the item we feel will require the most work, will be his self-confidence. Jack Murphy is a well behaved, gentle dog who just wants to be loved. The challenge is this causes him to not have any confidence to enjoy his own space. He has the makings of a Velcro dog with separation anxiety. Although I have learnt this can be common in some rescue dogs, we have also learnt Jack Murphy has a hearing impairment, which is a contributing factor. I know with proper training, and patience, he will grow more confident in himself, and us. By writing this update I want people to take away that “active” dogs are not a bad thing. Indeed you need to know and be honest about your lifestyle as they do require you to move! If you are an active individual and are willing to learn how to bring a four footed partner into your life, what you read as ‘hyper’ and ‘destructive’ can be managed. I will not lie and say it will go away ( but we can hope). However I am confident it can be significantly less. As you read everywhere and will hear from Josh, exercise is one of the biggest items in a happy dog. Tired dog = happy pet parents. The biggest compliment for me was when we first met Josh (Canine Education) who knew Jack Murphy while at Animatch. His first reaction was to advise us that he was a very different dog. Given proper workouts and engagement with us he was much calmer than in the past. I will acknowledge that we had just finished a run & even though it was only 9am it was darn hot! Both of these helped Jack Murphy shine during some quick heel training exercises. Overall he is a quick learner and we look forward to obedience training to further improve his social skills and perhaps if he shows an inclination agility or flyball. He certainly has the energy & I think he is smart enough, but we will need to work on the focus. Jack Murphy is a dog who goes to work every day in addition to his weekly workout routines. We regularly introduce him to new situations both in and out of our homes. A car ride is now an enjoyable thing as an adventure of some kind typically follows. In my adoption request I advised I was looking for a dog to run with. What I did not realize was that Jack Murphy would quickly replace me at run club. I would hate to see what would happen if I show up without him one day. Lol. I have included some fun photos we have taken since he has been with us. We wish you all a great summer.

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