• Update from Truffle

By Linda Paquette - Posted Wednesday November 28, 2018

Update from Truffle

Hello Everyone at Animatch It has been a while that you did not hear from me. My mommy Linda adopted me when i was only 3 months old in 2009, June 27 i turned 9 yrs old this year already but i still look and feel young beautiful and lovely! And since the day she adopted me in her forever home she promised Animatch that she would love me forever, care for me, spoil me, and be her best friend. She kept her promises I am so happy that i have a happy and loving home. Everyone loves me i am so lucky! I have a little bunny brother his name is Patachou he is cute a Holland lop we are best buddies! I did not hear from my sister Trixie hope she is doing ok! Since 4 yrs I am happy with my mommy Linda and Sue and her dogs Roxy and Buddy!

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Thursday March 14, 2019

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