• Update from Boomer (formely Mougli)

By Teresa Nardo - Posted Tuesday February 2, 2016

Update from Boomer (formely Mougli)

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to update you on how I'm doing in my new home. I'm having a great time!!! I'm so busy with puppy classes, homework, meeting my friends in the park and running like a lunatic, play dates, nice walks, chasing my brothers who happen to be cats...wow is that ever a blast but mom isn't happy when I do that...oh well...I'm still learning. Frankly I don't understand this alien language of theirs. One minute they don't mind me, next minute I get a bonk on the head. Oh and let me just say this....cat food has to be the best delicacy there is on this planet. I just roll over for it. I'm always trying to figure out a way to get to it but mom is pretty smart about that unfortunately.Mom thinks I would be a great therapy dog and we are working towards that with more classes. I'll let you know if I get certified...fingers crossed.I'm the official assistant chef at home and pre-dishwasher clean up guy. This dishwasher is amazing...you open the door and there are all these plates to be licked up. Wow...what a world we live in!Well I need to get back to cuddling in my bed for a little snooze but I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful people at Animatch for finding my forever home. I'm so happy here and mom says I'm an awesome little guy.Here's a pic of me after my first puppy cut. I know...too cute for words. I'll admit, I'm an absolute rock star in my neighborhood. Everyone has to stop and say hello to me which I LOVE because I'm what you call a people person (oh and dog person of course). So it's all cuddles and kisses for me on most walks. The kids think I'm a real teddy bear which you could say I am :o)Hope to see you at the Bark n' Brunch!

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