• Tuck (formally known as Tuckster)

By John Buskard - Posted Thursday January 19, 2017

Tuck (formally known as Tuckster)

Just an update on Tuck whom I adopted about two months ago. Tuck is doing great! We've bonded 100% and have become inseparable companions. Luckily I'm on sabbatical for 9 months and can spend everyday with my new best friend. Tuck has responded well to training and now spends 90% of his time off leash and walks to heal like a pro. He's a fast learner and we're working on the stay command now and he's catching on well. He's made friends with all the dogs he's met in our travels and spent a night at the kennel where they fell in love with his easy going personality. He's enjoying his daily walks in the woods and the freedom of his big fenced in yard here in the country. Thanks to everyone at Animatch, and especially Lori who did a great job in fostering him till I came along. It was truly fate that Tuck and I found each other and I couldn't be happier with him! Keep up the good work Animatch!

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