• The unfortunate passing of Scruffy ( Lancelot)

By heather pascal - Posted Sunday October 20, 2019

The unfortunate passing of Scruffy ( Lancelot)

It was a very hard weekend for my family as we all had to let Scruffy go. Back in early June of 2007 did I see his picture up on animatch looking to be adopted. Back then he was brought to you and known as Lancelot. Well he was by far the absolute amazing dog . He quickly became part of our family. About 2 years after adopting scruffy did i rescue another dog and that dog quickly bonded with scruffy and he became her protector. Four years ago our rescue dog had puppies ( not from scruffy) but scruffy welcomed those puppies and cared for them like they were his own. Scruffy within this past year has had a lot of struggles from major ear issues, to having some seizures. Only recently did things escalate and become harder for scruffy on a day to day basis and was in constant pain. The hardest decision needed to be made and his last few days we his human family as well as his pack family all came together to spend time with scruffy. He definatley touched the heart of all of us and will forever live on in our hearts.

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