• Some news from Oslo

By Anonymous - Posted Thursday June 20, 2013

Some news from Oslo

Oslo just turned three years old this week. I can now say he is an accomplished athlete. He has more endurance and strenght, and he is also capable of working with me a lot longer than before, and he has fun doing so. We're making progresses in agility and freestyle. Last weekend we were at the Salon national des animaux de compagnie in Montreal, and we did some agility and some freestyle. I was very happy with the way he handled the pressure, the crowd, the noise and everything. I was very, very pround of him. Here are two videos. The first one is agility and the second one freestyle.



Thank you so much again for all  what you do for the dogs. It takes a lot of courage, and strenght, and dedication. I will never be able to thank you enough for letting me adopt Oslo.

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