• Sassy - Ace Pilot

By Anonymous - Posted Thursday June 20, 2013

Sassy - Ace Pilot

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we visited CFB Bagotville where my people brother is stationned.  In order to get there we had to take a Ferry !!!  Wow, I love Ferry rides an awful lot.  Kody and I ( Belle couldn't come because of her heart ) were a bit scared at first... lots of noise .. lots of people ... then, Mom and Dad took us outside ... Guess What !!!   Water !!! Lots and lots and lots of water - I wiggled and wiggled but there is no way Mom was letting go of me..I just wanted to go check how much water was on the side ... geez Mom I didn't want to jump in !!  Then, the Ferry moved awesome, the wind blew in our faces - Kody and I met lots of nice people who said we were both beautiful and spoiled ( that woman doesn't know how spoiled we both are !!)
Mom took a picture of me and my friend sitting in an F-15 ... they make noise - I  can't figure it out though, I see the plane - no noise then a few seconds afterwards, there is a weird sound but no plane?   I listened  to all of the instructions given -  I was ready to take off but my friend wouldn't let me handle the joystick... " let me go - I can do this - listen bud, the first astronault was a dog,  not a human - give me the stick - where is that eject button !"
Mom and Dad told us that this little vacation was our last until this stuff called " snow " comes and melts away - so why does it come if it will melt away ?  I like going on vacation - I had lots of new experiences this year, Mom made a fire in the fireplace this evening, never saw fire before but I've got to tell you it makes you real sleepy...

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