• My new hairdo by Sassy

By Anonymous - Posted Thursday June 20, 2013

My new hairdo by Sassy

Man did I ever ever enjoy my Summer,we went on vacation a few times,  I jumped in my pool as often as I wanted to, rolled in water puddles ( Mom said they were mud puddles - if it has water in it, it's a water puddle Mom ) rolled in the sand - earth - grass.  So much so that Mom had to bath me often - I ended with a small reaction to the conditionner which freaked Mom out Big Time.
Being easy to freak out, Mom called the Vets who told her to cut my hair ( OMG) then bring me in ... I gave them a hard time, showed them my teeth and gave them a piece of my mind.. they were responsible for this new look after all!!!

Grand Maman and Dad say they love my new look, they say it makes me look more devilish ... Mom says that can't be possible !!!  Maybe I'll prove Grand Maman and Dad right - wouldn't Mom be surprised again !!!  Well Aunties what do you think - just look into my beautiful eyes, don't I look like a little Angel ??? Okay, I know Mom sent pictures of me when I was chasing that grasshopper - she's a taddletale that one !!

Kody, Belle and I were at the campground today, Mom and Dad were closing our trailer, because they say winter will be upon us shortly.  Kody says he doesn't like Winter that's when there is snow - some times after a snowfall, he can't see where he's going.  Man, I am anxious for all of that white stuff - the way he describes !!!! Wow , it should be fun,  a new experience for me ... you guys will have to wait for my reaction and comments ... I am sure to have lots and lots of fun in that stuff... wonder if it makes my hair dirty ????

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