• Goodnight, Mia

By Daniel Amico - Posted Thursday February 7, 2019

Goodnight, Mia

Dear Animatch,My name is Daniel Amico and my family brought home Mia (previously named Finva) in 2012. It was early March, and the moment we took her outside, she ran away! Imagine trying to find a little white dog at 10 p.m., in the middle of winter! From then on, we knew that Mia was going to be a handful. For 7 years, we watched Mia come out of her shell; being a puppy mill dog, she had no previous socialization. She developed such a strong personality that sometimes we forgot that she was a dog! Mia, already having a tough beginning to her life, had a heart murmur and lost her vision. You would think having all of these troubles that that would discourage her from being active. Never underestimate the energy of a dog that loves her family with all of her heart.Mia passed away early on in January, right before turning 9. Her little heart had all that it could take, and we got to be there to say goodbye. I wanted to write to you to thank you for bringing Mia home to us. Without us, I honestly do not know where she could have ended up, and I feel so lucky to have had her in my life. Losing a dog is a very painful process, as I am sure you know. You see that they are in pain, but you cannot be sure if they know what that pain means. Your final goodbyes, if you are given the chance to do so, are communicated through a hug and a kiss. When I held her paw for the last time, I thanked God that an innocent dog like Mia was given so much love.Many people are hesitant to adopt an animal because they worry they will be sick and they will have to pay more. I am here to say one thing: go to Animatch. The moment you walk into those doors, you will find your missing family member. Now, the dog may not hop on two feet as Mia did to my mom, but you will have a pretty similar interaction. The love you give and receive from a pup is unconditional. If we knew Mia would have all of her medical issues before getting her, we would have adopted her even quicker.Our home is empty now. Our little pup is now resting above with our collie Joker, and we are at peace with that. We miss her every day, but Mia has graced us with an abundance of memories that will never be forgotten.Thank you Animatch.Daniel Amico

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