• George IV (formerly Riley)

By Jill Torrie - Posted Monday November 14, 2016

George IV (formerly Riley)

George IV here with my new name but the same looks as in my old picture from the Animatch site in June 2015. After leaving Animatch it took me a year to get over being carsick, but since then I've traveled thousands of miles up north and out west. At the island, I've taken up outdoor adventures on my own, boating, and, when absolutely necessary, swimming. After I discovered my great love of barking when I'm up north, my owner became concerned and bought me a bark collar for the city. Of course, she's never even opened it because I keep it cool when I'm in Montréal. I love being able to greet other dogs but once I do that's usually enough unless they want to play chase with me. I've only found one who could catch me I'm so fast and turn on a dime. Even though I'm only 11 pounds, my owner discovered to her surprise I won't put up with any nonsense from bigger dogs. When I tell them to back off they always do. She doesn't have any trouble walking me to work through all the street dogs up north. Because yes, I'm the office dog and everyone loves me because I'm calm, but very amusing, And given my Shih Tzu ancestor, I'm still a cuddle dog which is how I got my owner to take me home with her in the first place. All thanks to Animatch.

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