• Charlie’s 2nd Gotcha Day!

By Anonymous - Posted Wednesday June 12, 2013

Charlie’s 2nd Gotcha Day!

Hi Animatch friends!  Just a little update from the much busier and much more active household where Charlie and Lucy live  LOL  May 27th marked two years with my beautiful, loving boy.  So hard to believe how much he has grown and changed!  Now, with "his" Lucy, Charlie is a more active and a somewhat more confident dog (he found his bark!  LOL)  They run and play until they tire themselves right out and then it's nap time.  They tussle over toys and "guard" the house by getting up on an armchair so they can see out the living room window.  Wrestling seems to be their favorite sport!  Lucy is doing really well.  She loves to eat and adores playing ball!  She is slowly learning how great a belly rub can be and now rolls over for one - something she wanted none of when she first came home, just three months ago.  She's a hit around the neighborhood, too.  People always ask "What kinda dog is THAT?!" and seem surprised to know that there are dapple dachshunds.  I'm thankful every day that Animatch has allowed me to have these awesome pups in my life.  I simply adore them smile

[ Attached photo is "cookie time" ... their tails are a little blurry because they are always wagging LOL ]

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