• Widget a Male Canadian Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Widget a Male Canadian Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Widget a Male Canadian Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Widget a Male Canadian Available For Adoption from Animatch


A Male Canadian presently Available For Adoption

Widget here and lucky for me I ended up at AMR and then on to Animatch.   My tag number is 17.420 which means that I am the 420th adoptee on Animatch’s roster in 2017.  In fact, they are now up to 426 and the year has not ended.  Helen, the Animatch leader, leaves no paws behind and doesn’t seem to want to quit.  Her tired elves (aka Volunteers) are at times dragging their butts, nonetheless if an adoptable dog needs a safe haven, she will do all possible to help.  I’ve met some interesting pooches during my stay; in fact, a couple have been yapping how times are tough in Jordan and several Nordics yip back that at least they didn’t have to contend with snow and freezing cold temperatures.  Then a bunch of little guys have to put their two cents in -- try living 20 plus dogs to a home and see how that grabs you.  Next, there are the ones like me – the “unclaimed treasures” who were mostly someone’s bed until we weren’t.  Every dog has a different story but once we hit the Animatch Centre the goal for each of us is the same – a committed, life-time home. 

I’d like to be with my forever family before the new year arrives and I’m hoping someone can help me with that.  I’m not asking for a mansion by a lake, a penthouse apartment with a doorman, or a luxury resort on an island – all I want is a soft dog bed, nutritious food (with a treat now and then), daily exercise, and most importantly a family who will be with me until the day I die.  I’m not seeking  perfection but I am insisting on commitment.  Since I can’t tell Animatch much about my past, a home without very young children would best suit me.  I do not have sight in one eye but between us we can make it work.  So, do you think I’m the guy for you.  Fill in the Adoption Form and ask for WIDGET.

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More Details About Widget

Status: Available For AdoptionChildren:8 and over
Size:Small (12 lbs)Energy:Medium
Age:1 yearCat friendly:tbc
Gender:MaleDog friendly:Yes

More Details About Widget

  • Status: Available For Adoption
  • Breed: Canadian
  • Size: Small (12 lbs)
  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: Male
  • Grooming: High
  • Energy: Medium
  • Children: 8 and over
  • Cat friendly: tbc
  • Dog friendly: Yes

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