• Veronica (aka Chica) a Female Mixed Breed (Korea) Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Veronica (aka Chica) a Female Mixed Breed (Korea) Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Veronica (aka Chica) a Female Mixed Breed (Korea) Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Veronica (aka Chica) a Female Mixed Breed (Korea) Available For Adoption from Animatch

Veronica (aka Chica)

A Female Mixed Breed (Korea) presently Available For Adoption

Update – March 29:  Veronica (aka Chica) is just about ready to take the next step into her new life as a family dog.  Is she completely recovered from her life of abuse beyond most people’s imagination?  No, that will take time but, in the meantime, she has made tremendous progress at FIC with Virginie Forest and Alain Bonneau and their students.  We know just how much courage this has taken her to take these steps and we are all so proud of her.  When Chica moves to her home, there will undoubtedly be another period of adjustment – change is difficult for these dogs.  She still has significant mental and physical trauma to overcome but she has made remarkable improvement over the last few months.  Her ideal family would be an adult, experienced one and one that is not gone from the home the entire day.  She has spent enough time in solitary confinement.   A calm, mellow, dog to show her the ropes might help.  What is most important is that her family be loving, patient and totally committed to her for the remainder of her days.  She deserves no less.  Chica is ready for a house full of soft beds, yummy treats, and a family ready to love her unconditionally.   Fill in the Adoption Form if you feel you can make a difference in Chica’s life.  


Veronica (affectionately known as Chica) arrived at Animatch in June with her four babies (who are all in their forever homes).  She has come a long way – from being slightly feral to now showing signs of trust.  Thanks to *HSI, many dogs were rescued from a life of confinement, fear, and eventual slaughter for meat.  Even though she lived a trauma for her first year and is a product of her past, she was an excellent Mom to her babies who all thrived under her care.  On arrival, she and her pups were immediately placed with one of our Volunteer Foster Moms where Chica focused on protecting and caring for her little ones until they were adopted.  Animatch knows that there are many dogs here that also need our help, but dogs know nothing about borders.  Ignoring a dog in need is not an option and Chica desperately needed a chance. 

With her pups all safe in their homes, it was now time to focus on Chica.  What better place to start her rehabilitation than at *FIC with Virginie Forest and Alain Bonneau and their students.  For the past several weeks, she has progressed immensely.  Chica realizes that the people around her mean her no harm and want what is best for her.  She now makes eye contact with her handlers and will accept food (treats) – an incredible feat for this girl.  Chica walks on leash and displays more and more confidence each and every day.  She will spend another few weeks at FIC and she still needs to be sterilized before adoption.  Another calm, well-balanced dog to show her the ropes of being a family pet would help her greatly.  An amazing life awaits Chica and we know that there is a family who can continue to bring the best out of this brave girl.  Her ideal family would be an experienced, adult one that is ready to give her the guidance and patience she longs for.  If you feel that you want to be part of the next and final chapter of Chica’s life, please fill in the Adoption Form.


**FIC ** École de Formation des Intervenants Canins.  http://www.formationintervenantscanins.com/


*Humane Services International is proactive in stopping the dog meat trade.  It is offering financial incentives to farmers who give up their animals to be adopted as family pets in other countries.  Canadians may find eating dog appalling and so do we.  But, before throwing stones we need to look at some of Canada’s practices (example, force-feeding ducks to produce fois gras).  There is no quality of life for the animals produced and used for meat in factory farms – they don’t even have the basic life requirements.   Please take a few minutes and educate yourself on some of the practices going on concerning animals in our country; visit http://www.animalprotectionparty.ca/factory-farming/ or https://www.humanecanada.ca/realities_of_farming_in_canada

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More Details About Veronica (aka Chica)

Status: Available For AdoptionChildren:12 and over
Breed:Mixed Breed (Korea)Grooming:Low
Age:1.5 yearsCat friendly:a déterminer
Gender:FemaleDog friendly:Yes

More Details About Veronica (aka Chica)

  • Status: Available For Adoption
  • Breed: Mixed Breed (Korea)
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 1.5 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Grooming: Low
  • Energy: Medium
  • Children: 12 and over
  • Cat friendly: a déterminer
  • Dog friendly: Yes

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