• Opale a Female Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Opale a Female Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Opale a Female Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Opale a Female Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch


A Female Mixed Breed presently Adopted

UPDATE MARCH:  If there was a prize for “Most Improved Adoptee”, Opale would win the honor … hands down!  Knowing that she needed some guidance and training, an experienced Foster family was found to help her to the best dog that she can be.  She is an active girl who is now enjoying long walks in the woods, playing with other dogs, and just being given the space to be a dog.  Her Foster Mom says that she gets along well with other dogs and would enjoy the company of a fun-loving canine.  Opale has done some obedience training with her Foster Mom and has master some of the basic commands and has terrific recall; we would really recommend that her new guardian continues with this training.  This girl aims to please and positive reinforcement is the only way to go.  Opale is gaining confidence and her sweet and friendly personality is shining through.  If you feel that Opale would be a welcome addition to your family, please consider adopting her.  Fill in the Adoption Form and ask for Opale.  


Opale is a definite cutie.  She was transferred to Animatch from AMR and it appears that she has experienced some rough treatment.  Much as she can be sweet and friendly, she does display some Jekyll and Hyde moments.  There are many reasons for this behaviour; one being that she may have been taken from her mother and littermates too young.  On top of not being taught the basics by her Mom and then finding herself with a family who believes that they must dominate, it is not totally surprising that she is without a home.  Chances are that she received no training or socialization – just punishment (my way or the highway kind of reprimands).  For that reason, Opale requires an experienced guardian and one who is willing to work with a trainer.  At 9 months old, we are not about to give up on her but by the same token she must be placed in the home that is up for the challenge.   This behaviour must change.  Opale does get along with other dogs although she would be equally happy as your one and only.   Are you looking for a project?  It may be challenging at times but it could be one of the most gratifying things you ever do.  If you are up for the challenge, please fill in the Adoption Form.

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More Details About Opale

Status: AdoptedChildren:10 and over
Breed:Mixed BreedGrooming:Medium
Size:Small (13 lbs)Energy:Medium-High
Age:DOB May 14, 2017Cat friendly:tbc
Gender:FemaleDog friendly:Yes

More Details About Opale

  • Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Size: Small (13 lbs)
  • Age: DOB May 14, 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Grooming: Medium
  • Energy: Medium-High
  • Children: 10 and over
  • Cat friendly: tbc
  • Dog friendly: Yes

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