• Maka a Female Husky-x Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Maka a Female Husky-x Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Maka a Female Husky-x Available For Adoption from Animatch
  • Maka a Female Husky-x Available For Adoption from Animatch


A Female Husky-x presently Available For Adoption

Commitment is something that my sister, Yoki, and I know a lot about. We have been BFFs for as long as we can remember, in fact, we are from the same litter. Thanks to the Northern Paws Project, nearly four years ago we made the long journey from Kuujjuarapik together. I know it is perhaps a lot to ask for someone to open their home to not just one but two dogs; except if anyone out there is looking for two sisters who absolutely adore being together, then you might consider adopting both of us. We both get along with other dogs, although with a dynamic duo like us, why would you want a third wheel? We are pretty much spectacular in every way. Like many Huskies, I enjoy talking and can be vocal when I want something. I adore winter and a family who loves the outdoors would be awesome. When I am inside, my favorite pastime is chewing my Nylabone. I am a little obsessed with food so you will have to be strong when I make a sad, hungry face? Now don’t panic …. I do have epilepsy but since I have been on medication (see below), I have NOT had one seizure? Apart from that, I am pretty much spectacular in every way. You know what they say—two wet noses are better than one! So, you just might have hit the love jackpot! Together or apart, we will always be sisters. Fill in the Adoption Form if you would like to adopt me, Maka (or both of us).


Medication cost: 300 tablets = $70.00. Daily dosage: 1.5 tablet, twice day

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More Details About Maka

Status: Available For AdoptionChildren:8 and over
Size:Large (72 lbs)Energy:Medium-High
Age:4 yearsCat friendly:No
Gender:FemaleDog friendly:Yes

More Details About Maka

  • Status: Available For Adoption
  • Breed: Husky-x
  • Size: Large (72 lbs)
  • Age: 4 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Grooming: Low
  • Energy: Medium-High
  • Children: 8 and over
  • Cat friendly: No
  • Dog friendly: Yes

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Adopting a dog is a life-changing event--or should be. A dog needs lots of time and attention and you've got to be there every day to give it. So, BEFORE filling out the Animatch adoption form, find out whether you're ready for a dog: Fill this great questionnaire now to find out if you are ready for a dog.

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