• Littlefoot a Male Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Littlefoot a Male Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Littlefoot a Male Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Littlefoot a Male Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch


A Male Mixed Breed presently Adopted

Littlefoot recently arrived with five other dogs of varying ages as a result of a seizure.  Our province still has a long way to go insofar as companion animal rights are concerned.  Animatch is doing their part by taking in these dogs and then finding them loving homes but please don’t simply depend on rescues.  In some way, everyone can do their part.  First of all, you should be familiar with the laws in your community.  Learn the signs of neglect (emaciated dogs, untreated injuries, too many dogs and cats on a property – hoarding).  Then do something – confront the person (if you feel it is safe) or get on the phone with your municipality and lodge a complaint.  Afterward, don’t hesitate to follow up.  If it is prudent to do so, taking photos or videos make neglect and poor living conditions hard to ignore. 

Littlefoot is 7 years old and although he is timid when he first meets you, he has made tremendous progress in the short time he has been at Animatch.  He gets along with other dogs although he would prefer one that is not in his face.  There might be some toilet training to do but patience and consistency will help him to understand what is expected of him.  Littlefoot is not a candidate for apartment/condo living as he barks too much.  A lot of the barking is at new people, new things, new situations – in other words everything is new to him.  A patient guardian who will help him with his socialization and introduce him to a variety of people and new experiences would be ideal.  He loves being outdoors and looks forward to leisurely walks around the neighbourhood, rolling in the grass, and maybe a snooze in the sun on a deck.  If you want to show Littlefoot what a real family is all about, please fill in the Adoption Form.

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More Details About Littlefoot

Status: AdoptedChildren:10 and over
Breed:Mixed BreedGrooming:Medium
Size:Small (10 lbs)Energy:Medium
Age:7 yearsCat friendly:tbc
Gender:MaleDog friendly:Yes

More Details About Littlefoot

  • Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Size: Small (10 lbs)
  • Age: 7 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Grooming: Medium
  • Energy: Medium
  • Children: 10 and over
  • Cat friendly: tbc
  • Dog friendly: Yes

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