• Lacy a Female Canadian Adopted from Animatch
  • Lacy a Female Canadian Adopted from Animatch
  • Lacy a Female Canadian Adopted from Animatch
  • Lacy a Female Canadian Adopted from Animatch


A Female Canadian presently Adopted

Update - May 5:  Wonderful news for Lacy and Cachet.  The girls were adopted together.  Thanks to both of their Foster Moms for making such a difference in their lives.


Lacy is back.  Regrettably, the people who adopted had a wonderful home to offer a dog but they soon realized in their heart that they had made a mistake.  When a dog who has been a victim of abuse over a prolonged period is placed in your home, there is no quick fix.  Sadly, love does not conquer all.  It will take copious amounts of dedication, patience, and most of all acceptance.  Lacy is already worlds away from where she started but there is still a long journey ahead with the understanding that she may never be a typical dog.  Lacy takes pleasure in having a soft bed, good food and treats, and a safe haven.  Lacy may improve but she may never be like a typical dog.   If you are up for the challenge, be warned that there will be NOTHING better than watching Lacy bloom into a content and social dog. Every second will have been worth it.  Do you have what it takes?


UPDATE - FEB 20`8:  Lacy, and her four sisters (and we really can’t confirm that they are actually littermates), arrived at Animatch last August in a desperate state.   As described below, they went all went to foster homes where we felt that they could get the one on one they required.  In Lacy’s case, home was *FIC who took two girls; Lacy progressed at a much faster rate than the other dog and Virginie believed that she should get a taste of family living.   Well, Miss Lacy has taken to home life and every day she improves in leaps and bound.  She is going out for daily walks with her Foster Mom and although some sounds, such as big trucks, buses, and cars made her nervous at first.  Every day Lacy meets a new milestone; most people would take some her accomplishments for granted but for Lacy, it is an accomplishment.  Lacy will let herself be handled and held as she trusts these humans people call family.  Lacy gets along with both dogs and cats.  She recently was reunited with her sister and there was still a definite connection between them.  If you are looking for a dog who will greet you at the door if you go out for a few minutes or a few hours, that might not be Lacy.  Adopting Lacy is about acceptance and tolerance; it’s about what you can do to help Lacy, not what she can do to make you feel better.  Please consider adopting this amazing dog … she is ready to continue her journey.


Not all abuse to dogs is in the form of hitting or rough handling.  Some cruelty is emotional and can leave scars as debilitating as physical ones.  Meet Lacy, one of the five female dogs, who came to Animatch as a result of a seizure in a hoarding situation. Much like people, not all dogs respond the same way to abuse.   Lacy (along with another dog) are in the capable hands of Virginie Forest, Alain Bonneau, and their students at FIC (Ecole de Formation des Intervenants canins du Quebec).  Lacy is learning that some humans can, in fact, be trusted.  It is a very slow process but she is making progress.  Lacy now eats in front of humans, comes out of her crate without fuss, and accepts being on leash.  Her caregivers are now trying through desensitization to get her accustomed to being handled and manipulated; it’s not yet a pleasant feeling for her.  Dogs rely on their guardians to provide socialization; Lacy and her four “sisters” never experienced any of this.  At just over two years old, Lacy has many years ahead of her and Animatch and FIC are determined to make those years happy ones.  It would benefit her greatly if she went to a home with another well-adjusted dog.  Our hope is that Lacy experiences the life of a family pet – one filled with love, joy and good times.  She wants to live not merely exist.  If you are looking to make a huge difference in a dog’s life, please consider adopting Lacy.  The first step would be to fill in the Adoption Form.

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More Details About Lacy

Status: AdoptedChildren:12 and over
Age:2.5 yearsCat friendly:Yes
Gender:FemaleDog friendly:Yes

More Details About Lacy

  • Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Canadian
  • Size: Small-medium
  • Age: 2.5 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Grooming: High
  • Energy: Medium
  • Children: 12 and over
  • Cat friendly: Yes
  • Dog friendly: Yes

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