• Izzie a Female Nordic mix Adopted from Animatch
  • Izzie a Female Nordic mix Adopted from Animatch
  • Izzie a Female Nordic mix Adopted from Animatch
  • Izzie a Female Nordic mix Adopted from Animatch


A Female Nordic mix presently Adopted

Izzie here and I am happy to announce that I have gone to my new home; I look forward to laying my head down and going to sleep at night knowing that I am finally where I should be.


Izzy here and I now find myself at the top of the Adoptees page for the New Year – time flies! I am not trying to break any records here; I’d like Billy and those that came before him to keep theirs. You know my story and if you don’t, please read it below. Despite having a few disabilities, I really want to live my best life – quirks and all -- in the comfort and safety of my very own home. I enjoy all the same activities as other dogs but you might just have to take a few breaks to let me get acclimated to a new situation. When it comes to food, dogs and cats MUST stay out of my meal. In fact, I just can’t seem to learn how to share my food (and my favorite toys), so a family without other animals would best suit me. People tell me that I am different from other dogs but I just don’t see it; I simply long for acceptance. I would enjoy living in a home with a nice fenced yard to keep me safe; I will ensure that it remains a “squirrel free” zone. First and foremost, I’m a dog in search of the perfect home. I am charming, playful, affectionate, loyal, cute, reliable, courageous. Gee, that’s a whole lot of adjectives, don’t you think? Do you suppose that you might make a great candidate for a special dog like me? I guess I’ll just continue to wait around patiently until the right one comes along. I’m looking for love but even more important, I need commitment. Please fill in the Adoption Form if you would like to adopt me.



Update - Sep. 17:  Izzie here and I'm truly hoping that third time will be lucky for me and I will finally be home for good.  I was recently adopted .... yet again .... and returned because the family could not cope with my neurological problems.  First and foremost, whoever adopts me must accept me as I am -- quirks and all.  I may not be your typical dog but on the plus side I do not have a mean bone in my body, love everyone I meet, and I am quite well trained and obedient.  Yes, you will have to accept that loud noises or sudden movements might cause me to become distraught.  I will whine and bark, run in circles, and try to bolt (but I will NEVER try to hurt you).  I have very little vision in one eye and minimal hearing in one ear.  If you don't think you can handle my disability, I accept your decision but please don't take me home and bring me back.  It is devastating for me and would only turn my life upside down one again.  Despite having a few imperfections, I am still quite capable of being the perfect dog for someone.  If you are willing to accept me and adopt me as I am, then please fill in the Adoption Form.  I'd love to meet you.



I promise, I can be all that you ever wanted in dog.  I was adopted about a year ago but sadly my family felt that I was not the right match for them.  Occasionally that happens but Animatch never gives up and they have sworn that next time it will be furever. I was born at Animatch; I was one of Wilda’s puppies (Monica).  I’m charming, frisky, playful and super focused on my humans.  Now before we go any further, I must tell you that I have very little vision in one eye and very little hearing in one ear.  Plus, I might have a slight neurological problem – sudden and loud noises will cause me to panic.  Please don’t let that stop you from adopting me.  These small issues are just part of who I am and I am no more difficult to train than your so-called “normal” dog.  In fact, I walk reasonably well on leash and know many of my basic commands.  I am definitely smart enough to learn all the great things that you want to teach me.  And, let me tell you I have just as much love to give as any other dog.  I’d like you to know that I get along with other dogs and love children; except since I startle easily I would do better in a home with older children.  My disabilities are part of life and I handle them like any dog would – with grace and resilience.  Whoever adopts me must commit to me forever; you cannot take my adoption lightly because I want to make this the last change in my life.  Can you picture me as part of your family?  Then please fill in the Adoption Form and remember, my name is IZZIE.

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More Details About Izzie

Status: AdoptedChildren:10 and over
Breed:Nordic mixGrooming:Low
Size:Medium-Large (35 lbs)Energy:Medium-High
Age:1.5 yearsCat friendly:No
Gender:FemaleDog friendly:No (would prefer being only dog)

More Details About Izzie

  • Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Nordic mix
  • Size: Medium-Large (35 lbs)
  • Age: 1.5 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Grooming: Low
  • Energy: Medium-High
  • Children: 10 and over
  • Cat friendly: No
  • Dog friendly: No (would prefer being only dog)

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