• Fendi a Female Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Fendi a Female Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Fendi a Female Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch
  • Fendi a Female Mixed Breed Adopted from Animatch


A Female Mixed Breed presently Adopted

Well, they say life goes on, and so shall mine. I’m so grateful to have been rescued by Animal Control; I waited for my family and I to be reunited.  Sadly, as patient as I was, they never showed up.  The people at Animatch have assured me that they will find a wonderful family that will be patient, caring, and willing to make a true commitment.  You know, a family deserving of a dog like myself.  Since Animatch can’t tell you anything about my past and I only speak dog, it is important that you adjust your expectations, be sensitive to my past, and understand that I will need time and socialization with new people.  I know that once I am comfortable, there will be no love greater than mine for you.  Despite this rough patch, I am quite the social butterfly; in fact, I will drag you clear across the road to meet another dog.  Even though most dogs my age know how to walk on leash, I guess my previous family didn’t feel it was important.  Never to old to learn new stuff is my theory, so let’s head off to obedience training classes.  At 7 years old and with no history, Animatch would feel more comfortable if I went to a home with adults or older, respectful children.  I do get along with dogs but again older, mature canines are more my speed.   I sure would be happy to have a home with a cozy bed, tasty food, and lots of walks around the neighbourhood.  If you adopt, I promise to reward you each and every day with my undying loyalty and devotion. And what would I expect in return?  Not much – just a home where I will be loved so much, I won’t remember how sad and hurt I used to be.  Fill in the Adoption Form and ask for Fendi.

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More Details About Fendi

Status: AdoptedChildren:10 and over
Breed:Mixed BreedGrooming:Low
Age:7.5 yearsCat friendly:tbc
Gender:FemaleDog friendly:Yes

More Details About Fendi

  • Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 7.5 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Grooming: Low
  • Energy: Medium-High
  • Children: 10 and over
  • Cat friendly: tbc
  • Dog friendly: Yes

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