• Cimon a Female Siberian Husky Adopted from Animatch
  • Cimon a Female Siberian Husky Adopted from Animatch
  • Cimon a Female Siberian Husky Adopted from Animatch
  • Cimon a Female Siberian Husky Adopted from Animatch


A Female Siberian Husky presently Adopted

Update - Dec 6;   Cimon just checking in and wondering why I haven’t been snapped up.  I just had another photo shoot and I think there is no disputing that I am a beautiful dog.  Adopt me and let’s explore the world together and the wonders that await us – all the while bonding and becoming the best of forever friends.  I think I have a pretty good understanding of what being a family dog is all about.  It hardly takes me any time at all to learn new things, so teaching me better manners should be a cinch.  I get along with other dogs although I can be a tad bossy; the one thing I can’t seem to do is get along with cats.  Who wants to be friends with those snooty creatures anyways!  Now, take a few minutes and tell me all about yourself by completing the Adoption Form.  I’d love to spend Christmas with my new family.



The last breed that Animatch would have expected from Greece is a Siberian Husky, but look who just arrived. Sweet and full of personality, Cimon LOVES people. If you’re looking for a pooch that will be best friend material, this blonde beauty might be the one! She gets along with other dogs but prefers those that respect her space. Being a Husky means that she would perhaps do better without any feline friends! Cimon had a loving home in Greece but unfortunately her guardian died and she joined the huge group of homeless Greek dogs. Quick to pick up new commands and always eager to learn, Cimon would benefit from obedience training – she will show you how smart she is. Cimon does not enjoy kennel life and the sooner she is back to living with a family, the better. Finally, she will experience her first winter and delight in what all Huskies crave – snow and frigid temperatures. If you have what it takes to offer this gorgeous girl her Canadian home, please fill in the Adoption Form.

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More Details About Cimon

Status: AdoptedChildren:8 and over
Breed:Siberian HuskyGrooming:Low
Age:4 yearsCat friendly:No
Gender:FemaleDog friendly:Yes

More Details About Cimon

  • Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 4 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Grooming: Low
  • Energy: Medium-High
  • Children: 8 and over
  • Cat friendly: No
  • Dog friendly: Yes

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