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“Your New Rescue”

Miranda Wimbush-Bourque is a past contributor to our Animatch Blog and although she recently moved to Nova Scotia, she has stayed in touch.  Miranda who founded Mindful Canine, which provides in-home training, a few years ago is now operating out of Nova Scotia.  In addition to a busy career, she is a busy mother of a four-year-old and three dogs – all rescues.  Despite a hectic life, she has put together a great eBook, called “Your New Rescue” which Animatch highly recommends to anyone adopting a dog.  She speaks from experience and has a knack of making learning fun. 

Miranda has been providing virtual training through these difficult times and plans to continue.  She is presently working on more ways to offer on-line assistance so that she can expand her reach and offer solutions for guardians requiring some direction.

Some of the issues covered in “Your New Rescue” are:


  • How to help your new rescue adopt to his new home
  • How spending time with your new dog will help build a lifelong bond
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to solve annoying habits like jumping, mouthing and running away
  • Introducing your dog to new people
  • How to introduce them to resident dogs and cats
  • When (and how) to get extra help if needed.

Help is just a click away!

Download it free:

Miranda’s website:

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“Your New Rescue”

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