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Who Are You Calling Lazy?

Originally published in The Suburban
Written by Judie Amyot


We all get a little lazy during the heat of summer but there are some dogs that aren’t particularly energetic all year round. Some may have short bursts of energy that quickly dissipate while others don’t even want to be dragged out the door for a short walk. If you’re into couch potato pooches that don’t need to get too physical, here is a list of low energy dogs that may be right for you.


No, this isn’t a meat sauce for spaghetti but a breed that resembles a poodle and gets tired out after just a brief bout of exercise. Its small size makes it well suited for apartment living.


Yes, believe it or not, this breed that is synonymous with competitive racing has an alarming lack of endurance and requires little exercise. It likes to take the bus.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Harry Potter fans will recognize this breed as Hagrid’s dog named Fang. It does not require as much activity as its size would suggest and has been called placid and lumbering.

Japanese Chin

Bred to be lap dogs and prone to overheating as well as eye and breathing problems, overexertion is not in this dog’s best interests. They like the laid back life.

Chow Chow

This is a very serene and adaptable dog with low exercise needs and the ability to thrive in apartment living, which is an interesting trait for a larger breed.


Bred as guard dogs, this breed definitely has the intimidation factor. But despite its daunting size, the Bullmastiff is typically a gentle giant that thrives as a docile family pet.

Bichon Frise

This dog is great with kids and will show occasional bursts of energy but remains a lap dog at heart. Who can resist petting this dog’s thick white coat when it is in lounging mode?

Basset Hound

Originally bred to hunt rabbits, the Basset Hound would require regular walks to stay in shape. Today we see them lounging around on the floor or couch with their droopy eyes and ears. They’re quite happy to take a load off and veg out.


That adorable pushed in, flat face of a pug has its drawbacks. That short nose can contribute to breathing problems which can worsen in hot climates. These dogs fall into the lazy category because they’re not capable of being overly active.

Bernese Mountain Dog

It’s hard to believe that this breed would fall into the lazy category as they love the outdoors and hiking but like the Greyhound, they don’t have great endurance and tire out easily.


These little dudes love to scamper around but require minimal exercise. They are quite content to plop down on a lap for some much needed R&R after all that scampering.

Shih Tzu

This adorable breed with short, stubby legs can get quickly tired out after a play session. It is, however, a good guard dog as its yappy nature can alert you to intruders. And just watch out when the doorbell rings!

Great Dane

Really? Yes, believe it or not, this absolutely massive breed doesn’t require a lot of exercise. On the contrary, many would rather lie around in bed all day than go for a jog.


Akin to a hot dog on short, stubby legs, this is another breed that has minimal exercise requirements. Some can’t even be bothered to hop off the sofa to fetch a toy. I’d like to know how they hopped up there in the first place!

As it’s difficult to quantify one breed as being lazier than another, the choices made here were based on minimal exercise requirements, low endurance or just being stereotypically associated with lounging around and not playing fetch. No matter the breed, all dogs are loveable for what they bring to the table or sniff around to see what tidbits are under it.

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