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Olegem and her co-workers – Madre, Suzy, Sadie, Coolah, Odin, Jordan, Sooki, Murphy and Tequila – seemed like they were born to do this job.  They spent a few hours at Data Sciences just giving 12 employees a chance to benefit from the calm and peace that they bring to an office.  This crew were natural stress relievers and no doubt had a positive impact on the humans that they encountered.  Having a hard day?  Talk to Olegem or any one of her crew – they don’t judge. 

Thanks Data Sciences for being a great host; they will be making a $400 donation to Animatch to help the doggies.  Look forward to another visit.

If your business is interested in having some Animatch dogs visit your offices to offer some natural stress relief and brighten up everyones mood, please contact us at A donation of $400* will get you 3 hours with our wonderful pups!

•parking fees are extra

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