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One of the many great aspects of Animatch are the volunteers. We could only do so much if it weren’t for them. From housing dogs, to helping out at events and even office work, they are a huge part of our family and we are ever so grateful for them.

Recently we have been going through some big changes and we’ve been asking for donations to help build our new centre. But another thing we are in need of, are volunteers. If you feel like donating your time instead of money, we can surely use your help. When it comes time, we will need help clearing the new land of debris and preparing the space for our new centre. Or simply give us a hand moving a few things.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you or someone you might know, then please think about signing up to become one of our volunteers ot pass on this information.

Come join an amazing group of people and help us make a better life for these dogs.

There is a one hour mandatory Orientation if you wish to be an Animatch volunteer. All of our volunteers, no matter what their function, need to be knowledgeable and in agreement with the Animatch philosophy. Click here to sign up!

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