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The primary science of Canine Education is applied behavior analysis, which comes from the field of psychology. Applied behavior analysis allows for learned behaviors to help succeed in the current environment. Science based dog training means that the training is based on the study of the dog, it’s behaviors, and how it learns. Something can be considered scientific if it is directly observable. Directly observable means that we can see something happen with our own eyes, and recreate this scenario to see again and again.  Positive Reinforcement is the addition of something that is likely to increase a desired behavior. A great example is feeding a treat if your dog sits; the addition of the food reward increases the likelihood that your dog will sit again.

Canine Education offers group classes as well as private sessions.  We incorporate science based training, positive reinforcement and games to stimulate your dogs learning.  Check out our website at or call us for more information at 514 777 7894.

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