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To Emilie, with love from Santa

A little over 5.5 years ago Penny (AKA Penelope) joined our family. Penny had been abused, caged and used as a breeding bitch for the first 7 years of her life. Her front teeth are worn to the gums, probably from chewing on the metal of her cage and the breeder cut her vocal cords so her bark is only a hoarse coughing sound.

Penny had her first good luck when she was rescued by Animatch.

Now 12.5 years old, Penny is happy, healthy, playful and loved dearly. Although Penny is still leery of strangers touching her, she loves to be cuddled by her two legged sister Emilie.

Santa Claus, knowing how giving and special Emilie is, decided that Em would like to help other animals in need of good homes and medical care when they are sick or injured. So Santa decided to make a Christmas donation in Em’s name to Animatch. Now the joy that Penny has given us can be experienced by another forever family and their chosen pet.

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