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Time to put away the flip flops ...

October is only days away which means only weeks away from the onslaught of snow and extreme cold.  Although Animatch is getting closer to our goal, the progress is slow and we still are short $65,000 to reach $200,000.00.  We realize that our staunch supporters have contributed as much as they can at this point.  Thanks to all who have organized BBQ’s, auctions, pool parties.  Donations that have been made in memory of people who have died or in lieu of a birthday, wedding, or graduations gift are so appreciated.

Now we are counting on you to reach out; not always an easy thing to do but you’ve come through for us before.  Animatch is still looking for a corporate sponsor – if you work for an airline, bank, oil, computer software, pharmaceutical, food or beverage company, please consider approaching your company.  Small businesses can also be contacted – all donations, big or small, are valued.  If whoever is approached needs to speak to Helen or an Animatch representative, that would not be a problem.  It’s intimidating – we get it.  When it comes to asking people for money, most of us want to head for the hills!   Remember, you’re asking for funds for a cause you genuinely care about. 

In the next few weeks our temporary structure, which presently houses our adoptees, will require heating.  Although we are doing our best, our dogs still do not have a fenced yard so they are in pens which hampers their ability to run, play, and socialize with each other.   This is very difficult on the large dogs – especially the pups and adolescents.  Much as our Northern Dogs love the great outdoors – the colder and snowier the better – our Shih Tzus, Dachshunds, and Poodles … not so much.  Sadly, there is no indoor play area for the dogs so having fun inside is not an option.  These dogs did not deserve to be abandoned and homeless but we owe them a safe place while they are in this period of transition waiting for a family to adopt them.  Animatch MUST have the funds to complete the building.  We cannot just build a frame, we need to insulate and finish the interior for the comfort and safety of the dogs.

Here’s hoping this is our last plea for more funds.  Miracles do happen and at this point we are truly hoping for one.  Please don’t give up, we haven’t.


Donations can be made through our website --  (Go Fund Me does not provide tax receipts)

cheques are also welcome.




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