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Welcome to our world, little ones.  These six pups of unknown origin have found their way to Animatch.  The future adoptees were abandoned in a box in a park; AMR received a call and they were brought to safety.  Animatch has taken over their care and homes will be found for all.  The universe did not need another six puppies but now that they are here we owe it to them to do all we can to give them the life they deserve.  We have no clue as to what breed they might be, but the amount of time and dedication their humans are willing to devote to their upbringing will determine what kind of dog they will become. 


The puppies were entrusted to Animatch on November 6th; we estimated that they were 10 days old but they may have been younger.  Now Mum did not come along with this package and that posed a problem.  That is where one of our Volunteers jumped in and offered .... it took a little convincing .... to care for them.  They have gone from feedings every two hours to now every three hours.  Of course Mom is not around to clean them up and they go oh so often .... everywhere and on each other.  Foster Mom did not agree to be photographed, maybe when she is getting more sleep In the meantime, these munchkins may have been an unwanted litter a week ago but they are now safe and they will only go to homes who will want them for their entire life. 



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