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The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow

Rainbow is my name and I am not on the Adoptees list because I have a wonderful home waiting for me.  My luck has changed.  I am a proud Northern girl from Waskaganish.  I did have a family but they made the difficult decision to let me go in order to save my life and the lives of my 9 puppies.  I was totally devoted to my babies and I had to take care of them despite the pain it was causing.  You see I developed mastitis which is a bacterial infection of the lactating glands – it can be fatal if not treated quickly.  Not only was my life in danger but my babies would have died without nourishment.  My family agreed to let us go to save our lives and I will be forever grateful to them for giving us that chance.  Because I had to have three mammary glands removed, I can no longer feed my puppies.  Luckily Animatch “foster mom”, Marlee, is helping out with that.   

 In rural Northern Communities there is no medical care for dogs such as myself.  Coupled with the serious overpopulation problem, many dogs do not survive more than 2-3 years.  The number of dogs is a serious problem.  Although there have been some spay/neuter programs to control the population, it just isn’t enough.  Animatch hopes that Humane Society International (HSI) and Vets without Borders will continue to offer more assistance through spay-neuter clinics.  Rehoming helps some dogs but it is not the solution.  The same problem might exist in many cities throughout Canada however we have Animal Control and various rescues to help out.  If you would like to help Northern Dogs, consider starting a petition on our behalf for more spay-neuter initiatives and veterinary care.  We are proud to be Northern Dogs but our communities need assistance in giving us the life we deserve. 


PS – My nine puppies (all named after colours) are happy and healthy – they too will soon be going to their new homes.



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