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The Animatch Auction is back

Exciting news! Animatch is doing a third On-Line Auction!

Please take the time to Like and Follow the Auction page, and of course invite any of your friends/family who you think might be interested. We are into the final stretch, and while the numbers are a little intimidating, we know we will make it with everyone's support!

Follow this link to our Auction Page!

A message from our very dedicated volunteer Maryse, who is running this auction for us again:

Hello Animatch followers, adopters, volunteers, donators! Once again Animatch needs your help. One of the last remaining expenses is the septic system; the tank has been sitting on the lawn for many weeks now. Why the delay? Soil tests, permits, construction holidays ... and of course the much-needed funds.  We need $9,900 to cover the cost of the system and its installation.

And that still won't get the dogs transferred to the new Center building. Approximately $10,000 is needed for the interior finishing materials (windows, sound-proof doors) and an additional $5,000 in labour.

So let's all, once again, open our hearts and our wallets to get our dogs into their new digs.  Thank you for any support that you can offer us. We hope to be able to offer many interesting "big-ticket" items: art, show tickets, gift certificates, collectibles and the list goes on...

We will be adding items as they are being donated. We are starting off with some art. There will not be a specific start date and end date for this third auction. Posted items will be open to bids for a period of approximately 7 days. The end date and time for each item will appear in the description. Once the end time has been reached you will be notified as the winning bid via a Facebook post.  Payment can be made in cash upon pickup or by eTransfer to

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