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Should I change the name of my newly adopted dog?

We get this question a lot. Some people love the name of their adopted dog, others don’t. We may know the history of the dog and if it has had a “rough” past, a new name could help with shedding any negative associations the dog may have with their old name. Either way, there is no issue with changing your dog’s name!

Here are some tips to help:

  1. Decide on the new name you would like to call your pet.
  2. Carry some dog treats in your pocket at all times for the first week or so.
  3. Every now and then and when you specifically want your dog’s attention, call out their name with a smile on your face. Smiling automatically makes the sound of your voice more friendly. Praise your dog heavily and feed them a treat.
  4. Even if they don’t turn around, do the above anyway. Eventually they will associate their name being called with positive attention and will react accordingly.


Just remember, dogs don’t see their names as defining who they are, so don’t feel guilty about changing their name after adopting them. And don’t forget to enjoy your new adoptee!

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