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Are you looking for a way to help Animatch, but a donation is not an option? Well here’s how you can help! ResQwalk is an amazing FREE app that gives you a way to help raise money for Animatch by simply taking your dog for a walk and tracking it through the app. Throughout the year, a ResQpool of cash and resources will be announced through the app and by walking your dog for Animatch, you will help Animatch receive a portion of the ResQpool. The more you walk, the more money Animatch can get! Easy as that! We all know you already take your dog for a walk, now why not do it with a bigger purpose in mind?!

Simply download the ResQWalk application through Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Once you have logged in, search for Animatch as your ResQwalk partner and on your next walk, open the app and press “Start”. You can log up to 30 miles per day! Every 3 months, the people at ResQwalk will proportionally distribute the ResQpool to the partners involved based on the miles walked on their behalf. So again, the more you walk for Animatch, the more money raised. Last time we received just over $100! This time let’s go for more!

Don’t have a dog but would still like to help Animatch? Great! You can still support Animatch by tracking your training for a race or event. The app will track running, jogging and biking! Just as long as you don’t go faster than 22Km/h.

So, download the app and get to walking/running/biking for Animatch!


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ResQwalk App

Tuesday May 14, 2019

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Monday April 29, 2019

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Here's a second pic of Bonnie with her new dog and cat pack!

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Finley is soon to be 4 months old ( Dec. 5th) and is already doubled in size. He is delightful, curious, crafty,smart pup who taught himself...

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I has been a year since we adopted Piper (Paola) and every day has been filled with fetch, balls, and walks. Piper is such a...

RIP dear Musetta

Musetta (formerly Maple) died few days ago after being for more than 12 years a great companion in so many walks and adventures. I miss her...

Update from Truffle

Hello Everyone at Animatch It has been a while that you did not hear from me. My mommy Linda adopted me when i was only 3...

Spirit’s first swim day !

Here is Spirit and Sandy beach. He loves the water. He splashes around like crazy. He is Aquarius's brother. They can be identical twins !! Everyday...

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