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Open letter to people surrendering their dog….

A note to anyone who feels they may need to surrender your pet. I am not here to judge you on whether you should or not, as I am not in your shoes. I am certain given the fact you are contacting a no kill shelter that you are trying to find the best situation for your pet. With this in mind I urge you to share everything with the shelter, including medical records. By doing this you provide your pet the best chance of finding their forever home. You may feel that stating some things will prevent someone from adopting them. Depending on the fact to be shared it may indeed make some people hesitant but it also provides the shelter full knowledge of what the new family can expect and what type of family they need to look for. It allows them to better help in the transition to their new home.


Providing full disclosure will allow your pet the best chance vs possibly being brought back due to something that ‘comes out’ during a stay. In my instance I adopted a pet who is hearing impaired. The bio simply stated hyper active & destructive, required obedience training.  Considering this we came home with a well-mannered pooch who did not come when called. Granted they did not know us, so at first you think give it time. However as the days went on I researched and did some home tests. There was no reaction to doorbells, knocking, food shaking, dogs nor banging 2 pots together behind their head as they slept. All of this pretty much cemented my thoughts and a visit to the vet confirmed there was some loss of hearing. Certain sounds seem to work, but not consistently.


In spite of this we decided to proceed with the adoption and you can read about it here (include link to other post). It was a hard struggle at first while trying to understand exactly what we were dealing with. Knowing up front would have caused less stress and frustration during that 1st week to both animal and human. Personally I also feel if this fact was shared with the shelter they would have looked at my lifestyle a little closer. Yes, we do have a good life to bring to a four legged friend. However some of our activities would be better suited to a hearing dog.  Not to say we cannot adapt and animatch was there for me as we talked things through.


My purpose in writing this is to urge anyone thinking of surrendering their pet to be fully honest and provide your pet its best chance at success. I read the bios and the stories and there is nothing more heartbreaking then hearing of a dog brought back to the shelter for any reason. If there is something that you know that could provide better insight into behavior then it is your responsibility to do so. You love your pet enough to find a no kill shelter, don’t do a disservice and leave something out that could harm their ability to find the perfect home. 



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