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One by one, until there are none

The year is rapidly nearing its end and it has been an incredibly hectic one at Animatch.  Helen --our leader with the “leave no paws behind” attitude -- and her sidekicks (aka Volunteers) are well aware that there is so much more to accomplish.  Providing more dogs a second chance at life, educating people about rescue and the importance of adopting, and the never-ending need for fund-raising are all high on the Animatch list of priorities.  Change is happening but never fast enough for those involved in rescue.  However, right now it is time to just sit back and take a look at all the dogs whose lives were transformed in 2014.  Gary Houghton, the Animatch Photographer, thinks he has the best Volunteer job in the Universe.  His photographs are a powerful tool that helps get the dogs adopted.  Please take a few minutes and enjoy this slideshow of all our Adoptees who found their furever home in 2014.  On behalf of Helen and all the Volunteers, we thank you all for your endless support and we continue to count on everyone to make a difference in our common goal of no more homeless pets.


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