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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said that we become forever responsible for what we have tamed. The meaning of his words had always escaped me until the day I chose to experience the Far North. This adventure changed my life and opened my heart, filling it with more love than I thought it could ever contain.

In the Far North, I saw the love beyond the sorrow, the resilience beyond the suffering. The eyes of the dogs living here are filled with hope, the hope of being loved and appreciated. For them, everyday life is punctuated by suffering, fear and hunger. Yet, despite harsh living conditions due to the cold and lack of food, their love goes well beyond what us humans are able to understand.

When I opened my door to the dogs here, in the Far North, and gave them food and love, I knew right away that I could no longer turn a blind eye and that I had to give these dogs a chance to a life where they would be loved and safe. Too many dogs here died for no reason, too many dogs suffered because of  human ignorance. I invested all I had in the development of a plan to save lives and help these animals who were never given a choice find a corner of paradise.

When you commit to such a crazy project, you tell yourself that you can't do it alone, that no matter how hard you try this is too much, too big for a single person. I had a crazy dream: I was convinced that the dogs in the Far North could have a promising future. For me, these animals that no one cared about had unique qualities. I dreamt and thought big for several months. I made calls, I knocked on doors and I cried for help because I knew that meanwhile, dogs were being killed to prevent overpopulation.

Just when I was starting to lose hope, Animatch came into my life and opened a door to great opportunities thanks to a generous woman named Helen who also wanted to give the Far North's unwanted, unloved and uncared for another chance.

I have dedicated my whole life to these animals, have made them my top priority, well beyond my personal and professional life. I spent what little I had to improve their lives here in the Far North.

Each one of these dogs is important and makes me want to continue. Each successful adoption gives a voice and visibility to these hopeful creatures living in the shadows.

I've lost count of the number of lives saved but I know one thing: none of this would have been possible without everyone's support. In a way, the Nordic Paws project exists today thanks to all those who have supported my cause and heard my voice.

On behalf of the dogs in the Far North, I say thank you... and to all those who have died hoping for a better world, I say you have not died in vain, I will continue my battle here in the north so that your voice is heard and your suffering ends.




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