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I’m Gouda the Pom, also known as Gouda with the Good Knees. I am a former puppy mill dog and was one of the lucky ones who got out. I was surrendered when the mill was fined for poor conditions and exceeding capacity. This fine means nothing in the grand scheme of things as they are fined every year and continue with their business shortly after. 20 of my friends were rescued at the same time as me and we were dubbed the Cheese Gang since we were all named different cheeses by Animatch Volunteers. We did not have water, a bathroom, or even beds to lie on. We lived in our own filth and were forcefully bred so that people could buy our puppies. The mill was far away from the main house and we barely had any contact with humans. When we did, we were picked up our fur and skin and forced into whatever position they wanted. I had never experienced love or comfort. Some of my friends are still in there and many more will suffer what I had to go through.

I was rescued in September of 2018 after spending almost 7 years in a small pen with many other dogs. I needed double-knee surgery because I had never walked and had to spend 2 weeks at the vet while they cared for me. I also had what looked like seizures, but were later found to be severe cramping episodes (we’re still working on this). I was so scared that I played dead and never moved for the first month in my new home... Nothing like what I am now!! I am still working to become a more confident playful dog, but it will take time because I will always remember where I’m from.  

I am forever grateful for my rescue at Animatch. Without them, I wouldn’t have a family or a life worth living. Please check them out and all the great work they do!

My dream is to end puppy mills and share the importance of adopting. I can’t do it alone and I see so many people here helping to spread the right message


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