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More on those pandemic puppies ....

Good things come to those who wait. Sadly, patience is a quality that is extremely lacking these days. All too many families decide they want a dog on Monday and must have the puppy by Thursday – if rescues cannot accommodate them (and right now they can’t) they feel they have no option than to buy. I mean they are home, right? Everyone is out walking a puppy or a dog; they want to join the club. Do you think a truly good breeder would sell dog this quickly – not in a million years!!!! So, in these days of …. we want and we want now …. puppy mills and backyard breeders are right there for these impatient and demanding folks. And, they are doing a booming business.

Our own mills and byb’s can’t keep up with the demand, so let’s import some. Do you think because the pups come from another country that they were bred in better conditions? Don’t be naïve. Adopt, don’t shop! Patience is a virtue, find some.

Take a look at where those puppies advertised on the internet are coming from. For as long as the public keeps buying, they will keep producing. It is a multi-million dollar industry:

Take a look and educate yourself.

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