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Miko’s Story

This is the story of Miko, age 7, who has difficulties reading. His mother, inspired from the “Tales for Tails” reading program in the US, which encourages kids to practice their reading skills while keeping company to dogs in shelters, started making calls left, right, and center, to try to get Miko into a similar program in Montreal.

The hunt was difficult… Either there was no response or if there was, the idea was turned down. Until one day, this one special lady actually called back and listened to the proposition, showing interest and was willing to try. Finally!

And on December 1st, a very excited little boy arrived at Animatch and was greeted with such kindness and enthusiasm. Miko sat next to Streusel and her six 1-week old pups and read stories to them all.

Miko, feeling inspired and helpful, read all morning without having the impression that he would be judged. For once, his reading had a purpose. He can’t wait to go back and help other dogs. Thank you so much to Animatch for this great opportunity!

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