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If you've ever wondered who takes the gorgeous photos of our Animatch Adoptees ... that would be Gary Houghton.  At least once, but more often twice, a week you'll find Gary laying in the grass or the snow trying to capture a dog's personality in a photo.  After all, that is what attracts most of the people who adopt ... that first look into the face of a sweet pooch.  Gary is not the only one in the family who is devoted to the Animatch cause.  His daughter, Lauren, and her husband, Gerry, adopted Betty the Boxer (aka the love bug) from Animatch three years ago; in fact, that is how Gary came to find out about Animatch and their need for a photographer.  Lauren and Gerry recently hosted a birthday party for their two boys, Darcy 5 and Reid 3.  They asked friends and family to bring items that Animatch could use instead of gifts.  Two boys who love their own dog and are learning what helping others is all about .... Happy Birthday, Darcy and Reid. 


L to R:  Gary, Nancy (Gary's wife) holding Darcy, Lauren, Gerry and Reid. 


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