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It hasn’t been easy … but it has been worth it

Nope, it’s not the final update to announce that we’ve reached our goal but it is getting exciting.  Animatch is currently at $195,000 in donations – only $5,000 left.  We have gotten this far, not because of a huge donation from a corporate sponsor, but because of the collective efforts of all of you, our dog-loving supporters! 

Consider the next $5,000 as funds for the finishing touches on the new Centre – the building will need five steel doors (they don’t come cheap).   If any of you (or group) like the idea of funding a door, the dogs would be appreciative. 

Even though Animatch is hosting the Bark ‘n Brunch in the next few days, we would prefer to keep the profits for our emergency fund.   Because all funds raised in the past several months were for the new Centre doesn’t mean we don’t continue to get dogs who require emergency surgeries or special care.  Our mission still is to help those that can’t help themselves. 

As you can see construction is progressing daily thanks to a hard-working crew who realize that the sooner it is finished, the happier the dogs will be. 

Helen, the Volunteers, and, of course, the dogs appreciate you all so much.



Donations can be made through our website --  (Go Fund Me does not provide tax receipts)

cheques are also welcome.



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