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Is two better than one?

Everyone knows a dog is man's best friend, but a dog can be a dog's best friend, too.   At Animatch, we have seen many bonded pairs over the years.  In some cases we have been successful in placing the dogs together and in others we have not.  Not all dogs who live together are considered a bonded pair; some do well being adopted separately and a split may be a good thing.   In some cases the weaker member clings to the more confident one for security.  Splitting them allows the weaker one to develop healthy social skills, learn confidence, and develop their own identity.  In such cases, the dogs (especially the shyer, needier one) thrive after being separated.  Adopting two dogs with a healthy and deep bond can be a rewarding experience for the dogs and their human.  Besides, if you're looking for a pair of dogs, it's easier to adopt two that you're sure will get along.  Adopting a bonded twosome may actually mean less work and upheaval than taking on just the one. Adopting  both dogs means they are likely to settle faster, be less distressed, not pine, and be less likely to act out than if one went to a new home alone. 


So if you are room in your home and your hearts for two dogs, you won’t be disappointed. 

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