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If you can’t give me forever … then I’m not your dog

This week was a sad one for Helen and her crew of Volunteers.  We said “goodbye” to Maia, The Yorkie girl in the photo.  Maia, arrived with dry eyes which should have been treated; as a result, she was going to lose one eye and possibly the other in the future.  She weighed only 7 lbs but appeared somewhat bloated; at least one pound was due to a huge, and no doubt extremely painful, tumour.  She was abandoned as a “healthy” dog but it was noted that she could be snappy.   We would all be snappy if our eyes were dry and we were carrying around a tumour that made up 10-15% of our body weight.  Humans owe it to their dog to find out if there are underlying health issues when a dog’s behaviour changes or they seem to be intolerant.  An 8-year-old dog should have a yearly check up at the Vet.  As for Maia, her tumour was large and invasive and the difficult decision was made to end her suffering.  We are thankful that her family did bring her to a safe place.

With the influx of pandemic “puppies” in our communities, people have to educate themselves and realize that it’s not a “free ride” for the remainder of the dog’s life.  There may well be a recession down the line, are you ready for it.  Can you ensure that your dog’s health will not be compromised?  Do you have an emergency fund?  When a dog enters your life, the dog must become one of your priorities as with any family member.  You cannot underestimate the cost. You don’t abandon your loyal companion because she has grown old, become sick or because it is “cheaper” to buy new dog than go to the Vet.

If you are looking for the dog of your lifetime …. be prepared for a lifetime commitment!



“Promise that how you felt about me as a puppy, you will forever feel the same way.  If you can’t, then move on and leave me for someone who will.”

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