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How old is your dog?

New equation shows how to calculate its age in human years
Dogs age very quickly during their first five years and much more slowly later on, scientists found.

A long time belief, that one dog year is equivalent to seven human years, just might have to be thrown out. A new way to measure a dog’s age, using a algorithmic equation, has been developed by researchers.
By studying canine DNA, these researcher discovered that dogs age far more quickly in their first five year and much more slowly later on.
The results, which were published in the journal Cell Systems, tell us that a 5-year-old dog is actually 60 in human years!
As per Trey Ideker, the study’s senior author, “puppies age super quickly. By the time a dog is a year old, at a molecular level, he’s much like a 30-year old human. It didn’t make sense that the equivalent to a 7-year old human would be able to have puppies.”

Read the full article posted on NBC News.

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