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How does she do it you ask?

Let’s say Helen Lacroix is known for her ability to not dwell on the cold, hard, brutal facts – at least not for long.  She chooses to keep the sad stories and drama at bay and stick with the vision of these dogs going to loving homes.  She prefers to handle the emotional challenges of her work in this fashion; for her, the other way is simply not productive. 

Animatch just took in approximately 20 small dogs from a commercial breeder – yes, they still exist!  If you have “bought” a Chihuahua in the past few years, you may be looking at your pup’s Dad.  Until the public stops buying from people who have little or no regard for these dogs, the problem will not go away.  Until everyone realizes that sterilization is the key to stopping the pet overpopulation, the problem will not go away.  Passing new laws is different from seeing it in practice, Animatch has yet to see a big change in the streets.

Roquefort is a 6-year-old, male, Chihuahua; he and his buddies are the lucky ones.  He will soon enjoy a dog’s life of chasing squirrels, rolling in the grass, discovering new scents on his daily walks, and the loving feeling of a warm lap.  Slowly but surely, he will learn to trust and put the hardships of his past behind him where they belong.  It’s an amazing feeling to turn a dog’s whole life around. 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Animatch is still far from our $200,000 goal.  Our new Centre is not built and there are so many more Roquefort’s out there.  As is the case with many grass-roots rescues, funds do not just fall from the sky.  Volunteers, adopters, and supporters have been tireless in organizing bake sales, auctions, car washes, garage sales, and don’t forget the “loonie-or-toonie-a-day” initiative, but we are still a long way off from our goal.   

Helen and her crew of volunteers intend to keep to forward – there are so many more to help.  Animatch is halfway there and more than ever determined to reach our goal.  So, for the love of dog, please consider donating if you haven’t already.


*Roquefort will soon be making his debut on our website.  For him and his 20 pals (all named after cheeses) life is about to become a whole new experience.


Donations can be made through our website --  (Go Fund Me does not provide tax receipts)

cheques are also welcome.

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