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How are his teeth?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when people are adopting a dog.  Most people expect rescues to foot the bill for teeth cleaning and many, like Animatch, do if the dog has bad breath, difficulty eating, and loss of teeth.  In general, when we see dogs with teeth as shown in first photo, Animatch will request a dental (cleaning and extractions, if required).  In fact, most of our dogs, especially those arriving from puppy mills, are in desperate need of both.  Although our adoption fee includes many things, it does not include dental care – we do it for the comfort and well-being of the dog.  This is another expense which makes us dip into our emergency fund on a regular basis.  By the way, the Boxers and Boston Terriers who recently arrived from a commercial breeder will require dental care.  The dental care is important not just for the health of their teeth and mouth, but even their overall health.  Periodontal disease left untreated can lead to heart issues, liver disease, broken jaws.


Please take care of your dog’s teeth.  One of the first signs of a problem is “funky” breath which could be an indication of bacteria forming in the mouth.   Small dogs are especially prone to tartar formation, gum recession, and loss of teeth.  Ask your Vet about the health of your dog’s teeth at his yearly exam.  Keep your dog’s smile pearly white!


Note:  The teeth in photograph belong to our little super model Chihuahua, Kiki.  




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