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Here is the land ... now we need the Animatch Centre

Animatch needs your help.  Now, like never before.

The first step has been taken …. Animatch has a new location.  The dilemma is that the time for leaving our present site is approaching rapidly.  Although we have the perfect spot for the new Centre on this lovely property … there is no structure yet. We know that if Helen could build it herself she would but just wanting something doesn’t make it happen.  Animatch needs the funds to build; our goal is $200,000.  That amount is needed for a building with absolutely no frills -- just a safe, functional, and comfortable temporary home for dogs in transition while they wait for their adoptive family.  Animatch would loving nothing more than for a corporate sponsor to come our way and build the new Animatch Centre but right now it appears that we are depending on you, our supporters and fellow dog lovers.  You haven’t let us down before and we don’t think you are going to start now.


So, dollar by dollar, we beg and plead for funds to make this happen.   If anyone has connections for various materials needed to construct, we welcome you to contact us.  In the meantime, we encourage you to donate and support in any way you can.  You can make a difference in a dog’s life; they are counting on you.


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