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Here is the land ... now we need the Animatch Centre - UPDATE

UPDATE - JULY 20:  What’s with the chickens, you might ask?  Is Animatch hoping that one lays a golden egg?  Ah, we can dream but dreaming is not going to get us the money to build the new Centre.

Helen Lacroix has given 20 years of self-less dedication, along with some assistance from a group of dedicated volunteers, to ensure all dogs have a chance at a healthy, happy, and safe life.  This perseverance has resulted in 6000-7000 dogs with uncertain futures getting a well-deserved, second chance.  We have reached $90,000 in donations and are approaching the half-way mark -- no time to sit back, there is so much more to accomplish. 

Although we would love to find a corporate sponsor or someone who would like to help a good cause in a big way, so far it appears that our goal will be reached through hard work and relentless determination.  In order to have a Centre before the winter months, we need to really pick it up in the coming weeks.  For all the adopters who have adopted their best friend from Animatch – and there are nearly 7,000 of you – please consider donating $10 or $20.  That alone would help us get closer to our goal.  To those of you who have hosted birthday parties, garage sales, and BBQ’s, our heartfelt thanks.  If others wish to follow suit, be innovative and take a shot at setting something in motion to help us in our quest for funds.  The amazing group of Volunteers who organized our on-line Auction and collected $10,000 are gearing up for a repeat performance on August 10th.  Let’s make the second auction an even bigger success.  As always, the dogs are counting on you.

By the way, the chickens were left behind on the new property; suffice to say, they too have found their forever home. 


Donations can be made through our website --  (Go Fund Me does not provide tax receipts)

cheques are also welcome.


UPDATE - JULY 10:  Today the last appointment took place at our Animatch Centre and another lucky dog has gone to his furever home; he won't be experiencing yet another change in his life.  The doors will be officially closed and the dogs will be moved to a "temporary" set up in the next few days.  Animatch has collected $75,000 so far and again we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts.  But we are still a long way off from our goal of $200,000.  We are going to use as much material (fencing, patio bricks, cabinetry, sinks, taps, cages, etc) that we can to keep the cost down as much as possible.  We are not looking for luxury or state-of-the-art, simply a safe, comfortable, home for dogs in transition.  The on-line Auction has been a great success thanks to the Volunteer organizer who has worked tirelessly for weeks on this. if you haven't already bid on any of the items, we invite you to do so in the last few days.  Animatch Leader Helen says a prayer every night that we will have a permanent structure in the next few months before the cold weather sets in.  We had hoped to find a corporate sponsor but that has not happened yet; help us get the word out through family, friends, and neighbours.  The dogs are counting on you.   



UPDATE - JUNE 30:  The day is rapidly approaching – the move is indeed going to happen and is days away.  The Animatch Centre is closing and moving to a new location; however, we have the land though not the building.  To date, we have collected $50,000.00 and to all those who have already contributed, Animatch (especially the dogs) thank you from the bottom of their hearts. On the other hand, $50,000 will not build a new centre from the ground up.  We remain light years away from the amount required to build a safe, comfortable, no-frills, centre.  Until it is completed, we may have to lower our intake of dogs for the next few months even though it could mean refusing some dogs that desperately need our help.  Our long term goal remains to help the same number of dogs – 325-350 per year – and for that reason, getting the construction started is crucial. 

Fundraisers are taking place weekly and we appreciate all who have come up with innovative ideas to raise money.  If every family who has adopted in the past 10 years – and already hasn’t done so – donated $10, that would be $3,500.00 for one year (350 dogs/year @ $10) and $35,000 for 10 years.  Let’s challenge everyone to send in their $10.00 (or more if you like).  If you wish to make a donation in tribute to a friend or loved one who is recently deceased, what better way to honour them.  For those who will soon be celebrating a wedding, shower, graduation, birthday or other event, make a gift of a donation – as either part or all of the gift -- to Animatch.  A corporate sponsor would be a blessing at this stage so feel free to approach anyone you know who might be able to make this happen.   In addition to monetary contributions, you can also donate your skills – painters, plumbers, electricians, stone or masonry workers won’t be refused.  Whatever your ability, we can let you know if you can be of assistance. 

Animatch could never have gotten this far and accomplished this much without the amazing aid of supporters, adopters, and friends who have the same love for dogs that we do.  If you have not already made a donation, please do consider it.  Once again, the dogs are counting on you.

Can you be our miracle?


Animatch needs your help.  Now, like never before.

The first step has been taken …. Animatch has a new location.  The dilemma is that the time for leaving our present site is approaching rapidly.  Although we have the perfect spot for the new Centre on this lovely property … there is no structure yet. We know that if Helen could build it herself she would but just wanting something doesn’t make it happen.  Animatch needs the funds to build; our goal is $200,000.  That amount is needed for a building with absolutely no frills -- just a safe, functional, and comfortable temporary home for dogs in transition while they wait for their adoptive family.  Animatch would loving nothing more than for a corporate sponsor to come our way and build the new Animatch Centre but right now it appears that we are depending on you, our supporters and fellow dog lovers.  You haven’t let us down before and we don’t think you are going to start now.


So, dollar by dollar, we beg and plead for funds to make this happen.   If anyone has connections for various materials needed to construct, we welcome you to contact us.  In the meantime, we encourage you to donate and support in any way you can.  You can make a difference in a dog’s life; they are counting on you.


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