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Good dog what were they thinking….

Hot, humid days are upon us and people want to help their dogs stay comfortable.  Shaving off all that hair seems to be a popular option.

“Don’t worry, it will grow back” is a myth when it involves dogs with a double coat.  Did you know shaving removes the dog's natural insulation and causes your dog’s system to kick into high gear?  Since the top coat or guard hairs take a long time to grow (up to a year or more), what the dog's body produces first is soft undercoat. That's why we hear people say, “I shaved my dog, and it grew back twice as thick and really fuzzy!”  In reality, what happens is that the original coat isn't restored at all.   What grows in is a thick undercoat mixed with short new guard hairs.  So, why is this bad?

By the time that false coat grows out enough to protect the dog from sunburn, scrapes and bites (the usual job of the top coat), it is so thick that the poor dog might as well be wearing thermal underwear and a sweatshirt.  Remember, Mother Nature designed the undercoat to be extremely heat-retentive.

Do you take your dog to a grooming salon? You can request a bath and blow-out. Virtually all professional groomers have high velocity blow dryers.  These powerhouses can literally blast the dead undercoat out of your dog's hair after a thorough bathing with minimal brushing and combing needed.  Aside from destroying the natural coat, shaved dogs are susceptible to a multitude of complications, including alopecia, heat stroke and skin cancer,

No doubt, your dog probably is hot if it is hot outside, just like you are, but it's not hurting him. Give your pooch plenty of water and don't leave him out in direct sun or in a car and he'll be fine.  He'll pant, but that's because he can't sweat the same as humans do.   He will act warm, just like we do.  Shaving his coat off won’t change that! 


*Exceptions are dogs who have a single coat (i.e. Poodle, Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frisee, etc)

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