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Everything tastes better with dog hair in it

Animatch has welcomed its share of Huskies in the past few years.  Many are amazed at how much a Husky can shed – yes, a good vacuum cleaner is a wise investment when adding a Husky to your family.  A Husky’s thick coat not only looks beautiful, it also keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  The secret to keeping your Husky clean and comfortable is regular grooming and upkeep of her beautiful coat.

Though your Husky may appear hot during the summer in her thick coat, never shave or over groom. Some may develop skin problems after having all their fur shaved off.  Shaving can cause the topcoat and the undercoat to grow back unevenly in patches. The undercoat insulates her and the top coat (guard hairs) provides protection from harmful UV rays, so it should never be cut short.  Let your Husky shed her coat naturally. They shed their entire undercoat at least once a year or twice a year, it’s called “blowing the coat.” This process can last up to six weeks from start to finish. Your job, as a guardian, is to clean up after your Husky’s shedding and brush out her coat to encourage strong hair re-growth.  Remember, shedding is a natural process and the key to happy grooming is to teach your Husky to accept being brushed and standing or laying quietly while it is being done. For those that wanted to avoid doing it all themselves, a twice a year grooming appointment in the heavy shedding season might be worth every penny.

We understand that Huskies take shedding to a whole new level. Dog fur is part of the package so when you feel that you are being overtaken by fur …. Go for a walk, your Husky will love you for it.


“I don’t shed, I emit magical fibers of joy and love.”

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